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Oct 31, 2009 10:06 AM

Old Bethlehem Road Hotel (OBR): Promising!

You know the nice old inn outside of Quakertown on Old Bethlehem Road (off 563, just down from where Cappie's used to be) where the sign of the sorrel horse and arianna miles used to be? It's now open again, new owner, as a comfy, low-end-but-good (and man, do we need more of that) place. They have a very limited menu right now-- they're working on the menu and it should be in place in a couple weeks. The owner seems nice and food-literate, and the chef is GOOD. They're collaborating on the menu. RIght now it's just burgers and stuff, but you can tell something good is happening there. A meatloaf platter came with Really Good red cabbage. The steak sandwich had homemade potato chips. The salads are dressed with a dijon-lemon vinaigrette. I can't wait to try it again when they're really going. Nice outdoor patio, cozy, unfussy vibe.

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  1. Very nice cozy place! Went with some friends tonight. Friendly diverse crowd. Had the "date night" special which was very good: rosemary-horseradish encrusted prime rib, maple-glazed brussels sprouts, twice baked potato, good hearty vegetable soup, raspberry-walnut torte with real whipped cream. Shared some "popcorn pork" with spicy mustard dipping sauce. It wasn't some frozen yucky thing, but real crispy pork bits on a bed of sauteed onions. My wife had the crabcakes, which were Real. They have lots of cheap, more bar-type food like Cuban sandwiches, burgers, and our friends were very happy with those (homemade chips!) The fries were just eh. I don't think they need me to post on here-- the place really seems like it's hopping.

    1. I'm assuming this is on the North side of Lake Noxamixon? I drive past the Lake House on the South side quite often and there doesn't seem to be much activity there. It also looks like they stopped working on the Elephant House Hotel at Elephant & Ridge Rds.

      What's the price range of the OBR? We have our 27th wedding aniv coming up on the 27th and would like a nice quite place to get away for the evening. BTW, we live 15 minutes from there.


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        Yeah, on the north side of the lake. Price range is around 8 or 9 dollars to the most expensive thing on the menu, that special I had, $20 (for 3 courses). I love the place but before you go for your anniversary, understand that it's more bar than restaurant. There aren't that many menu options, at least now. Most of it's sandwiches. There is a dining room in back, but I've just eaten in the bar area so far.
        Hmmm, I wonder what's going on with the Elephant!

      2. Just tried it out, last night.... the food was very good and not expensive. HOWEVER, everything took FOREVER..... drinks & food. You need a bartender that tends bar full time (not also hosting/greeting/chatting, etc). If the food is going to take some time, keep the drinks flowing. It was very busy, but definately seemed understaffed & slightly chaotic. The food was excellent, though, and I will definately try it again.

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          We went there for a Bite to eat little did me know that it was going to take all evening.After the bartender telling us to have and a seat and not getting to us for 20 minutes and then taking another 20 to get them.This a little long when we were the only ones in the dinning room.Clearly the regulars at the bar were more important.The food was a little above average.Not sure if we'll try it again.