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Oct 31, 2009 10:03 AM

Dinner between Baltimore and Silver Spring?

We're headed from Baltimore to meet friends in Silver Spring after dinner. So, we need to eat somewhere in between, or when we get there. We are looking for something that is either great "ethnic" food of some sort, or a place where the chef is doing something creative/inventive.

Someone had suggested azucar in Silver Spring.

We have't been to cafe atlantico in some time, but that concept would work, as would something like Woodberry Kitchen.

It can be upscale, but we want to be able to dress no nicer than business casual.

Suggestions appreciated.


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  1. Azucar in Silver Spring is pretty good, but IMO I don't think it's really worth a trip from Baltimore.

    I would refer to you to the recent Rockville thread for some really fantastic ethnic options in Rockville, especially A&J's, Temari, Bob's Noodle House, etc. It's a little out of the way for your Baltimoreans, but geographically, it's between Bmore and SS. :)

    The Rockville thread:

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      Rockville is between Baltimore and Silver Spring if you consider going several miles to the west of a direct route as part of the direct route between them.

      My recommendation is the Hickory Grill in Burtonsville. Alternatively, I would suggest the Kabob n Kahari on New Hampshire Avenue in Cloverly. Both of these are on a direct route to Silver Spring.

    2. Victoria Gastropub in columbia is excellent and has an interesting menu. The Kobe burger with white truffle cheese is a fantastic dish. food is very good, setting nice, and great beer selection

      Also like the iron bridge wine company as well as Jesse Wong's Asean Bistro

      finally perhaps the best ethic restaurant is the Grace Garden near Fort Meade. The chow thread on it has almost 200 replies and believe me, the food is as good as advertised

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        Victoria Gastropub is terrific as is Donna's (the same Donna's as in Baltimore) in the same strip center.

      2. Elkridge Furnace Inn fits the geographic requireement. Have not been in many years, however.

        1. Check out Cuba de Ayer in Burtonsville, Rtes 29 & 198.

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            I have also heard the Iron Bridge is very good although I have not been myself.

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              Thumbs up on Iron Bridge, though I recall we just had soup, a cheese sampler and some wine. Nice casual environment and fun.

          2. Oh, I just remembered Tersiguel's in Ellicott City. Pretty good French food, kind of a strange atmosphere, but I had a fantastic time. Business casual will be fine here. Definitely worth looking up.