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Oct 31, 2009 09:10 AM

Looking for name of restaurant in Santa Fe

Does anyone know the name of the new restaurant that opened last spring out near Rodeo Road/Airport/599 outside of Santa Fe? It's supposed to be rather upscale, although it is in a mall, and maybe they serve tapas? It's owned by a local restaurant group.

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  1. I'm at a loss for an answer, truly. Upscale in that part of town ? Owned by a restaurant group ?

    Just north of the Cerrillos Road/Rodeo Road intersection is the Regal Theatre 14 screen complex with several adjacent places to eat. Most notable is Josh's BBQ.

    That said, the Plaza Cafe has opened a southside branch there. Standard diner fare.

    Another place, Over Easy Cafe where Rodeo Road and Zia Road meet (east of the theatre complex); never been there.

    I'll post again tomorrow... there IS a more upscale place across from the theatre however the name escapes me at the moment. My recollection is that the owner is the landlord for the development.

    Just fwiw; there is a Red Lobster in the Villa Linda Mall in that neighborhood... depends how one defines upscale. Just kidding.

    Over Easy Cafe
    2801 Rodeo Rd Ste B11, Santa Fe, NM 87507

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      Probably Capitol Grill. I haven't been there, but have good heard good things about it.
      Tried Plaza Cafe last week and it was very good - had the Mediterranean Salad which includes a few really really good falafel. It's a bit boisterous.
      We've been fans of Tribes, which has been in that location for a while - their warm turkey pastrami sandwich is wonderful.

      1. re: momadamsa

        Capitol Grill--that's it. Thank you! Just wondering how they are doing. A musician friend of mine told me about it in the spring and said they were planning to have live music. I will check it out.

        Thanks again!

        1. re: sandiasingh

          Santa Fe Capitol Grill
          3462 Zafarano Drive


          As I said, haven't been in yet but today's Santa Fe New Mexican has an ad offering 15% off your next meal with a coupon.

          1. re: fyfas

            This looks like more of a sports bar than an upscale restaurant.

            Thanks for the link and coupon tip.

            1. re: sandiasingh

              The capital grill looks good, but the food and service are just terrible. We spent a good deal of money on a bad meal. The Plaza Cafe which is right next store is fantastic, reasonably priced and has the best middle eastern food in Santa Fe. Their Hummus rocks and the falallel is the real deal .The owner is part greek.And they too sell liquor.

              1. re: askrula

                No way! Why is it that every Tom, Dick and Harry thinks they can run a restaurant? Do you guys ever watch Gordon Ramsey? You might want to watch a few of those episodes before you find yourselves in the weeds.

                No wonder they have a 15% off coupon in the New Mexican. Scratching this one off my list.

                Thank you chowhounders. We will try to Plaza Cafe instead.