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Oct 31, 2009 08:21 AM

1800 Degrees @ Bloor & Royal York

New place that's just opened up - we're thinking of trying it out this week. We live nearby and would like to support the local restaurant scene. Has anyone been? Any thoughts?

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  1. I would also like to try this restaurant. Anyone know the website?

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    1. re: JenJenChows

      Again, I have to wonder why they choose to serve only American beef rather than support Canadian farmers. It makes me wonder if any restaurants in the U.S. would bold advertise "We serve only Canadian beef."

      1. re: Marniee

        I agree!
        Sadly, I think the only Canadian meat advertised in America might be " Canadian bacon" but it rarely is the real thing, just some cheap version. They do buy our beef though....but I doubt they advertise it!

      2. re: JenJenChows

        I will probably give them a try tomorrow...will let you know. By the way, I did call and asked the staff about the USDA steak policy (vs Canadian) and the comments on this thread - they were very appreciative, I wonder if they will reconsider.

        1. re: DDD

          ok, just got back. I must say, this was quite a good meal, especially for a place that's only been open for 2 weeks. The only significant fault we can find was dessert (which was not terrible, just not special).
          To start, we had the salad (no faults), and the lobster bisque - which was great at only $12 - the texture was fab, and the flavour was great, (maybe they could have thrown in a couple of pieces of lobster, but I'm nitpicking here).
          Next, the steak, we had the NY strip (yes, I know, USDA), but this was perfectly seasoned and cooked properly (medium rare). Very flavourful, juicy and tender. This came with suateed wild mushrooms and a lobster poutine - the fries were a proper consistency (soft enough), done in canola oil, were a nice side with the steak (came with the ny steak at no extra cost). Certainly not a poutine in the classic sense, but very complementary to the steak. Our friend had the ribeye (huge at 20 oz), but also commented that the seasoning and preparation were beyond reproach. The lobster done two ways (the other way was ravioli), was a nice complement to the steak (my s.o. and I always share). We did order a couple of sides, but in reality, you don't really need these as the quantity of sides with the mains were more than sufficient.
          The wine list was reasonable (we had a californian cab - quite good, and zin/syrah/ mourvedre blend from napa-awesome, both around $75). Did not check their by the glass options, but will do so next time.
          The service was very attentive, our server seemed a bit nervous and awkward at first, but quickly warmed up (perhaps we can chalk this up to only being open for 2 weeks?).
          Finally we asked about the USDA vs Canadian steaks, she went and consulted the chef, who replied that they had an excellent source in Kansas, but were aware of the 'buy local' controversy. I must say, the quality of steak was quite good, and I guess, we'll see where they go from here.
          In summary, I'm quite excited to have this calibre of restaurant, literally walking distance from our house, and hope they continue to produce at this quality and value.

      3. A sub-discussion of U.S. vs. Canadian beef has been split to the General Chowhounding Topics board. You can find the thread at the link below.

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        1. re: The Chowhound Team

          USDA Prime is the standard for high end steakhouses such as Barberians and Harbour Sixty. Also, Since there is free trade of beef in North America, there may be Canadian beef labelled USDA Prime and American beef labelled Canadian AAA or Certified Canadian Angus. USDA prime is the top 2% of the American beef supply, and Certified Canadian Angus is top 8% of the Canadian beef suppy. So, USDA prime is the best and most consistent product, which is why the best steakhouses serve it. USDA Prime also costs twice as much as Canadian which explains the higher price.

          Harbour Sixty
          60 Harbour Street, Toronto, ON M5J 1B7, CA

          7 Elm St, Toronto, ON M5G1H1, CA

          1800 Degrees
          3058 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M8X, CA

          1. re: kingswayguy

            Why would Certified Angus be at the top of Canadian beef supply? There are other breeds without the marketing clout of Angus, which can be less than 50% pure blood.
            And why would Canadians accept USDA Prime, corn finished, from huge feedlots?
            The steakhouses in GTA could be a little more adventuresome, and save us the high price.

        2. I loved this place!
          Really cool, modern decor, and great service. Such a refreshing difference from the old school steakhouses. These guys serve USDA Prime like the downtown steakhouses, and they serve a complete plate - not a la carte like traditional steakhouses. My wife loved the Duo of Lobster, and I loved the 20oz Bone In Rib Steak.
          It's great to have a place like this in the West end, and not have to go all the way downtown for this level of restaurant.

          1800 Degrees
          3058 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M8X, CA

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          1. re: kingswayguy

            My hubbie and I tried 1800 degrees on Friday. The website is on
            Dinner for two came to $180 with tax and tip.
            Complimentary bread with goat cheese, olives, mushrooms, and artichokes came first. Bread was lovely and soft. Olives were tasty and tender.
            I had the tenderloin (which is Canadian beef now) and my husband had the New York strip steak. Both steaks were beautifully done, excellent! The lobster poutine that came with the strip steak was very good! Nice complimenting flavours to beef. My sides were good, but the potato pave's flavour with the steak didn't work for me. I would have preferred more of the pureed parsnip instead (SO good!). Asparagus and green beans were nice and a good-sized portion, but a little salty. I liked that the sides came with the steak.
            For dessert, we both got the flourless chocolate cake. It wasn't worth the $12; okay, but really just a cold, hard brownie.
            It's a nice addition to the area, good decor, attentive service; I prefer La Castile for value for money.