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Oct 31, 2009 06:43 AM

Afghan Kebab #4 Jackson Heights

I had lunch yesterday at Afghan Kebab #4 after a very long absence. I ordered a combo beef & chicken combo with comes with basmatic rice and salad. The rice was from the night before heated up and it was awful. The beef with over cooked dry and tasteless. The chicken wasn't much better. The salad was good. This meal was no bargain at $10.95. Imagine if I had ordered off the regular menu at much higher prices. Really nice atmosphere, service and pleasant soft background music. That was nice but awful food. I've been dining at Afghan Kebab Houses 1, 2 &3 in Manhattan for 25+ years especially the one on the East Side and never had a bad meal until yesterday. Why or why would they reheat rice. If the rice had been made fresh it would not have been a complete disaster. I've always enjoyed Afghan Kebab basmati rice. I won't return. No second chance. What would make me believe it would better next time.

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  1. dinner there is actually quite good, but i share your antipathy towards the lunch. i don't know if there's a "beggars can't be choosers" attitude towards the special -- which ain't all that cheap -- but there's really no care whatsoever put into it. the rice was the clincher for me as well. made fresh, it's very good (not amazing, but tasty). but at lunch, it's so obviously left over that it's ridiculous.

    i know that suggesting a dinner visit - at higher prices - after that is kinda silly, but the chapli kabob is mighty good.