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Oct 31, 2009 06:32 AM

Vermont Recommendations

We will be staying in East Dorset for a few days. I would really appreciate any recommendations in the area. One person in our group does not eat meat. Other than that, we are up for any type of food. We are also planning to drive a little, so the restaurant can be outside of the immediate area. Thanks in advance.

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  1. I had a very nice lunch at the Dorset Inn last week. We particularly liked the sweet potato fritters that come with maple syrup for dunking and the grilled cheese, bacon and tomato sandwich made with locally sourced ingredients. In Manchester, I would recommend a visit to Al Ducci's Italian Deli (eat in or take out) for wonderful sandwiches, cheeses, and great farro salad. Also try Depot 62 cafe...a Turkish cafe inside an unusual furniture store..all the food is organic and cooked in a woodfired oven. For something more formal..Mistral's (although the menu hasn't changed much since the 1960's) has a recession dinner for $30 per person that is quite good.
    I'm a big fan of Sherrie's (also in Manchester) for a little local flavor, great breakfasts and lunches. If you are driving a bit...take route 30 south through Manchester until the junction with route 11...take route 11 past Bromley Mountain to Londonderry. In the little shopping center next to the IGA there's a place called American Grill which serves a great breakfast on weekends only. From there, take a left out of the parking lot onto route 100 south...stop at Grandma Miller's Pies for great sticky buns, muffins and pies...keep on heading south on 100 for a few minutes until the Village Pantry du can get a great sandwich here, too.

    Village Pantry
    1 Main St S, Londonderry, VT

    Italian Deli
    77 Crescent St, Stamford, CT 06906

    1. We had a perfectly fine meal at the Dorset Inn. I second the advice of ordering the sweet potato fritters with warm maple syrup. The salad with thinly sliced beets was also very pleasing: the balsamic reduction was subtle, not overpowering. We were a fairly large group, so we ordered the "grown-up mac and cheese" as a starter to share; on the night we ate at the Dorset Inn, the mac and cheese had bits of lobster and truffles. If you order it as a main, you might want to have an ambulance ready to take you to the nearest cardiac care unit. But, as a shared starter is was fine. The vegetarian and vegan dishes were liked by all, the cheddar cracker crusted cod was a bit less successful. Save room for the cheese platter, featuring cheeses by local producers. If you like what you tasted, you can buy some to take home at the Dorset Farmers' Market on Sundays, just up Rte. 30 from the Inn. I was also impressed with the variety and prices of the wine list. An Oregon Pinot Gris, at $35, was a good value.