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Oct 31, 2009 06:02 AM

Arscht Center Celebrity Chef Series

Nov 13 - Featuring Anthony Bourdain, Eric Ripert, and Jacques Pepin.

Any reviews on last years events?

Anybody going this year?
Anybody know what to expect?

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  1. We got free tickets to see Alton Brown last year. I did enjoy it, however if I had paid for my ticket I think I would have felt Jipped. Michelle Bernstein was the interviewer and she was not very good, especially with someone as witty as Alton brown. Then he did a cooking demonstration, of Crepes suzette which was non too inspiring. I actually prefer watching on TV.

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      AB and I attended the Bourdain show at the Arscht and thought it was a major waste of $. The interviewer was a local restaurateur who spent more time promoting his own interests than getting much out of the usually ribald chef-tainer. The cooking demo was nothing inspiring. The evening seemed geared to the See and be Seen Miami crowd - not even an amuse bouche to fans of the culinary arts nor hardcore Bourdainians...

      Also - the venue was echo-y, empty and the acoustics DREADFUL.

      Buy the DVD of his shows instead.