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Oct 31, 2009 04:51 AM

Do you carve your turkey in front of everyone in the dining room or just bring it out carved?

The turkey ends up looking so beautiful and then my husband just carves it in the kitchen as we make the mad dash to get the gravy done and everything on the buffet table. Does anyone actually show the whole turkey and then carve it in front of everyone? Or does this just happen in Hallmark movies?

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  1. I love to show the turkey. Whether it's carved in the kitchen or dining room depends on where I have lived and whether I have space.

    1. On all holiday family gatherings.....the turkeys and roasts are carved in the kitchen and plated family style....the same goes with all the sides....

      Anyone who wants to see the turkey before it is carved has to come into the kitchen. The only one who does come in to see the turkey is my niece, but not so much to view the turkey itself , but rather to steal as much crispy skin as she can before she is caught in the act.

      1. kitchen, people gather around to watch and talk.

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          Dining room. I've never been to a Thanksgiving where they carved it in the kitchen!

        2. It's always carved in the kitchen and brought out to the dining room all carved up on a platter.

          1. We're in the mad dash in the kitchen group. No pretty presentation here.