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Oct 31, 2009 03:51 AM

Cafe Longo

I ralely venture to restaurants much but a few friends said try Cafe Longo. So 4 of us went there last night and it was a trip. Only about 40 ish seats and people were waiting outside to get in. It was like a typical family dinner table. Booming noise people dancing in their chairs a great people watching place. Now the food was as close as Italy as you can get. Its Italian Americaa but as I found out there is no freezer so its first in first out and it showed with the smelt appetizer of Fresh smelts not typical restaurant deep fried greasy fish. I had a Parciatelli Amatriciana which is usually made with dried pork cheek but most everyone uses pancetta. It was excellent with a nice cap of romano Cheese typical of the Lazio Region in Italy. Most dinners that came out was an appetizer large enough for an entree of 2 large meat balls and cold salad on the same plate and when I say Pasta with Sunday Gravy This is what a family italian restaurant is all about. Its really noisy but a blast everybody talks to who ever is sitting near them the owners float around and talk to everyone. Its a fun place but the food will tell, MOST places can Talk the Talk. This place Walks the Walk.

Cafe Longo
154 Atwells Ave, Providence, RI 02903

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  1. Menu looks good. How are the prices?
    If they play the same music as on the website that could be a turn off though.

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      the prices are average. Other than Siena, and Venda the hiss isnt worth the drive in my opinion The music they had on the sire is typical of the place. but its excellent Italian food the Hill is falling into depression there are a couple of places not opened this place will live on. If I want Classical italian then I visit Rome