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Oct 30, 2009 10:00 PM

Bambino's Pizza

Hi everyone! I am in need of some help, I just got the catering decisions hand over to me at work. We order a lot of pizza, and in the past we ordered from Zeek's and Pagliaci but I am not a fan. I wanted to ask you if anyone knows anything about Bambino's Pizza, I read the reviews, but some of them seam posted by their competitors. They deliver and apparentely they make everything in house with local ingredients and they are also "Green". Does anyone knows anything about them!

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  1. I also order catering at work. I haven't used Bambino's yet but they delivered a free pizza as a sample and it was quite good. The one I tried was 1/2 Margherita and 1/2 meat. Crust was thin and crispy with some char and ingredients were very good. I would definitely consider them in the future but people seem to be pretty stuck on Pagliacci/Mad Pizza.

    So, I liked the pizza but I haven't tried the catering.

    1. My work ordered pizza from them for lunch last week. The pizza was really really good, first time I've had pizza from them. We had about 25 pizzas or so, all different kinds. I had a margherita and one with eggplant, onion, and something else. I definitely recommend them.

      1. I love their Sicilian, and see it as a tremendous bargain. I think they removed it from their menu, but they still make it.

        1. Hi everyone! Thank you for your feedback. I ordered 32 pizzas from them last Thursday, and I must say I was very pleased. The pizza was delicious, I also ordered some sandwiches and it is all the highest quality, the same for service. I am not sure about some of the reviews out there, but I am glad I tried them. Thank You!

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            Thanks for the update. I'm glad to hear that they have good catering. Now, I'll to try it.

            How did you like the sandwiches and how was the portion size on them?

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              I am sorry about the late reply. The sandwiches are excellent, they roast their own turkey and chicken, etc so you really get a gourmet sandwich. As far as size, don't worry, their portions on everything are very generous. Also I stopped by on Tuesday to pick up a pizza for my husband, and the chef as making Oxtail Ragu so I got to try it and it is just incredible. They are going to start making pastas for their catering and from the looks of it it will be great. Good luck!