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Oct 30, 2009 07:21 PM

Haunted Restaurants and Pubs..


I have dined in one place that was known to be very haunted .. bedrooms upstairs converted to dining areas..raging bar downstairs..Ninth and Ash/Casey Moore's in Tempe, AZ...
The Red Lion Pub in Avebury near Stonehenge was very active...the vibe was so strong you greeted's in the center of the ancient Stone Ring, and is reputed to be the most haunted pub in England.

Personally, I think more places are haunted then we realize..
Any great haunted restaurant or pub stories for Halloween?

  1. The Hotel Oregon in downtown McMinnville - and a part of the McMennamin's Restaurant and hotel chain, is reputed to be haunted by previous building tenants. I've been there over New Years a number of times and have never seen anything, but it could be the amount of other "spirits" involved!

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      Central Hotel, Central Village, CT, really a rooming house. There's a former (now deceased) tenant who walks around the building frequently, many tenants and employees have seen him, including myself. Bald, white shirt, black pants, rather benign spirit.

    2. There is a restaurant in downtown Houston that is well known for being haunted. I have eaten there many times and never have seen anything but most of the paranormal activity goes on upstairs, and we have only eaten there a few time. Here is an article about the place:

      1. Check out the article in the DMN:

        Text from the article by Christopher Wynn:

        Want proof that Waxahachie's famed Catfish Plantation restaurant is haunted? <check out the photo at the web site given>
        The image was snapped by members of the Texas Spirit Seekers paranormal research group and seems to show a disembodied face through a window in one of the dining rooms.
        "We tried to disprove it by saying that it may have been a reflection of one of the team members, but it looks absolutely nothing like any of them," says Rodriguez. "And all you see is the face, no body or shoulders. They were pretty freaked out by it!"

        Also, the Snuffers on Greenville is said to be haunted. i must admit when I pass that narrow passgeway, I get the creeps.

        1. friends went to a famous bar and restaurant in NYC where the downstairs had an elevator shaft that a waitress fell down and died in the 1800's and a group of them were lining up for a picture with a huge mirror behind them..when they had the pictured processed, there was the 'ghost of the waitress' in the picture with them..she was smiling and having a good was just her head.
          I've seen the picture and there is no way it is a fake.

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            deads waiters in elevator shafts always make for good hanutings. Especially the trick elevators that Mr Otis made in the early days.

          2. There's another thread with a virtually identical topic:

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