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Oct 30, 2009 06:24 PM

Why was my food centered reply deleted?

I recently replied to someone on the Elsewhere in America board about where to have fish packaged and shipped here in AK. I used to work in the hotel business and we ALWAYS told everyone to go to 10th and M seafoods, and myself and my family have always gone there as well. We, as well as everyone I have referred to this place have always been extremely satisfied. Why was my reply deleted?

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  1. Is this the post you're referring to? It hasn't been deleted. You can always find any of your recent posts by clicking 'My Posts' under the 'MYCHOW' link on the navigation bar.

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      OK, sorry about that. lol. thank you. I must be having a sinus moment here. Suffering from an infection this week. Sorry for inconveniencing you all.