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Oct 30, 2009 05:13 PM

Antico Ravioli Company (Meriden, CT)

A must-try for anyone anywhere near East Main St. in Meriden. :) Know how much I love Napoli calzone in Meriden? Antico's cheese ravs are their pasta equivalent. Wow!!!

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  1. I guess I forgot to say that we went here on Saturday. He was about to close, at 2:30PM!
    This is a small place and since it is in the same building with a hairdresser it was a little confusing to me as to where they were, being our first visit. They are a block away from Noack's meats (which you have to go to!), and on the other side of the street.
    They have a very good selection of ravioli, but most was frozen; at least at the time we went. He had some fresh cheese ravioli he had not frozen yet. They have what looks to be someone else's brand of fresh pasta as well as frozen and then he had De Cecco dried pasta.
    I was surprised that he had some big wheels of cheese and quite a bit of cured meats. We got some imported prosciutto while there.

    Antico Ravioli Co
    1247 E Main St, Meriden, CT 06450

    1. Yeah, it always struck me that many are awfully quick to say that a particular area is "food hell" or absent of anything Chow-worthy. While hardly a foodie-haven and with nowhere even near the spoils of other towns, Meriden certainly at least has a few of it's own very much worthwhile food shopping stops.

      The noteworthy sit-down establishments might be extremely limited but this is yet another place where I gladly buy good-eats to enjoy at home whenever I pass through(along with Noack's, Filipek's, Czapiga's, etc.). So thanks for adding Antico with a thread of their own... I am a bit surprised though that Noack's never seemed to get their own Chow-thread despite their many fans here. ??

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        Maybe because people are always asking where to buy sausage and it gets covered there? Not for lack of love for Noack's, that's for sure. ;)

      2. Their meat ravs are fine, but I long for the ones I loved for years from Ravioli Kitchen. Antico's were plenty meaty and seasoned with pepper, but the cheese ravs outshined 'em by far. So I now embark on a quest for the tastiest meat ravs in the greater Hartford area.

        Must get to Di Fiore on Franklin Ave. They make the absolute best manicotti--enough of a best I never bothered to make my own after tasting theirs. I hope their meat ravs will strike that nostalgic chord for me. ;)

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          Ok kattyeyes, you did it again..ya know, hitting the CT nerve :)

          My mom and stepdad are seriously depressed because they can no longer get Ravioli Kitchen ravioli's. They usually went in there and bought a couple hundred at a time for next to nothing ($25 I think she said). Is Antico similar? Is there another place you can recommend that's like Ravioli Kitchen? These are desperate people here! :)

          1. re: krisrishere

            What kind of ravioli do mom and stepdad prefer? If they like cheese, I HIGHLY recommend Antico's. They are fantastic and you can get them fresh--not frozen. Here's the number and e-mail so they can call to check pricing--maybe there's a volume discount when you buy a couple hundred at a clip. :) I would hope so!

            Tel.: (203) 237-3252

            The meat...I'm looking for that Ravioli Kitchen flavor. I will let you know if I find it at DiFiore's.

            Meanwhile, I have Antico's mushroom ravs in the freezer. Will report back when I try them.

            1. re: krisrishere

              I never did get out to Ravioli Kitchen, but I do like the ravioli from New England Pasta up on 44,

          2. Glad to hear this. We live nearby and the place has been closed for what seemed like ages.