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Oct 30, 2009 03:35 PM

Believe it or not, Walmart!

The new Walmart superstore in Hooksett NH sells beef cheeks. We made an amazing Beef Cheeks Braised in Red Wine with Orange Zest (Joues de Boeuf aux Agrumes) from Epicurious. Sounds better in French. The flavor was deep and unctuous, needs to be made a day ahead for best flavor. Walmart also carries tripe and a few other organ meats, must be catering to our small ethnic population. Definitely worth a visit.

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  1. wow thanks whs. I did not even know this place had opened yet and I live in Manchester.. (I know shame on me)

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    1. re: gryphonskeeper

      They also have tongue and ox tails.

    2. Huge new style Walmart with great selections.

      1. No. Way.

        I'm SO jealous-our Wallmart in Hartford is just gross. Seriously.
        Maybe time for a road trip to NH!
        Outlets! Skiing! Organ meats @ Wallmart!

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          1. re: stuck in Hartford County

            I am so thrilled that in addition to cheap booze and cigarettes, we can offer organ meats!
            But watch out for that meals tax--at 9% more expensive than Manhattan.

            1. re: whs

              Wait! What cheap booze? Do you mean Wallmart sells booze (of the cheap variety)? Or that you can buy cheap booze in New Hampshire?

              1. re: stuck in Hartford County

                There are no taxes in NH on booze Hartford. Nor is there any sales tax.

                1. re: gryphonskeeper

                  O! Too bad it wasn't that Wallmart sells cheap booze, b/c in that case I might be in the car driving to NH right now! For the booze- to help w/the thought of eating WallMart organ meat. Of course I'm not suggesting that WallMart meat might be in any was inferior to.....well.... any other organ meats. But who knows?

                  1. re: stuck in Hartford County

                    They only sell beer and wine as well, and the selection is about as vast as 7/11. lol

                    1. re: gryphonskeeper

                      gryph, as a fellow Manchvegan, here's a tip: Bunny's is good in a pinch for a bottle of wine--they actually carry Pouilly Fuisse and they're open til 10pm

                      1. re: whs

                        oooooh what do they get for it? I can get Louis Jadot Beaujolais for $9 at Sam's Club, what is Pouilly going for at Bunnys?

                        1. re: gryphonskeeper

                          OMG! We cannot buy any alcohol except in liquor stores and beer in the groceries! Waaaaaaaah!!! There are Nutmeggers (aka CT residents!) who stop and shop at the huge liquor warehouse in Sturbridge 'cause the prices are (supposedly) a lot less.