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Oct 30, 2009 01:47 PM

Looking for a romantic Birthday Dinner Rec

The only specification I have is that the restaurant has to have a decent steak on the menu for my husband. I've looked at the menu's for Auberge Du Pommier as well as Splendido and a few others and can't seem to find a place that has a "normal" steak/potato dish.

I am open to all price ranges and locations... I just want really good food, a nice atmosphere, and a place where my poor picky husband can enjoy a meal too.

Auberge Du Pommier
4150 Yonge Street, Toronto, ON M2P 2C6, CA

88 Harbord Street, Toronto, ON M5S 1G5, CA

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  1. I know this sounds silly, but if you're after a special dinner with steak being the guest of honour's fave dish, why not a steakhouse?

    My favourite steakhouse at the moment is Jacobs & Co. I think they have the best all-around package: best tasting steaks, nice side dishes, excellent service and decor. And a great, old school yet hip looking lounge with piano player for drinks before or after.

    But there is also Harbour 60 which is also great, just not as great IMO than Jacobs & Co.

    I guess if you have to choose between the two, I'd say Harbour 60 wins out a bit more on the 'romantic' vibe but not tremendously.

    Other restaurants that have great steaks, without being steakhouses include: bymark/North 44, C5, and in fact Scaramouche might just encompass everything you're looking for: romantic, has a nice steak dish (I think with whipped potatoes) very good service etc.

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      LOL... the birthday dinner is for me! I just want my husband to be able to enjoy a meal too. I think Scaramouche might be the winner. Thanks for all the suggestions too!

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        Ooohhh. Sorry. I guess I read it wrong. In that case then yes, I think Scaramouche would be a very good choice. Happy Birthday!

    2. Perhaps Scaramouche? They have a pretty standard-looking filet mignon:


      Also, I know it doesn't really scream romance ( but it is nice and dimly lit and quiet), but North 44 might be worth considering (you can get a basic steak there).

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        1. I would highly recommend Barberian's on Elm St (Yonge/Dundas). Fantastic steakhouse and definitely an atmosphere that lends itself nicely to a romantic evening.

          They also have an impecable cellar list as well!

          7 Elm St, Toronto, ON M5G1H1, CA

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            Thanks for the advice neileshd... Barberian's is actually husbands restaurant of choice for special occasions so I know it well :)

            7 Elm St, Toronto, ON M5G1H1, CA

          2. Hy's on Adelaide. Nice room. Good steak joint. Loud atmosphere on a Friday night. You can also try Harbour 60 but it's old and dowdy, IMHO and you pay more, but don't get a lot more - either in food quality or experience...