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Oct 30, 2009 01:22 PM

Asian Kitchen chinese food

My family and friends believe that I know a little bit about food. They know I wont just eat anything to satisfy a hunger. We have all the major holiday meals at my place, only because I wont let them eat garbage for a holiday meal.
I have found a Chinese Restaurant to compare with PF Changs.
It is in the South bay area of Los Angeles on Artesia Blvd. just before the 405 . Out of the 15 dishes I have tried there The Mongolian beef and Mongolian Chicken are the best the around. The beef in all the dishes is just right, not over marinated with Coke to break down the meat into unrecognizable meat substance.

The price is around $10.00 for a generous portion for three adults

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  1. changs is not chinese food.

    1. PF Chang's is not a truly authentic Chinese restaurant, but if your family, friends, and you like the food, more power to you.

      Chinese Restaurant
      3375 Iowa Ave, Riverside, CA 92507

      1. Is Asian Kitchen like that old school American-Chinese? Never heard of chinese food being marinted in coke,where did you get that? Are there any other Chinese places besides PF Changs that you like? Have you been to any of the places in San Gabriel?

        1. I too have never heard of Chinese using coke for tenderizing meat. Usually it's baking soda or sometimes papian extract? BTW, I agree that PF Chang's is not "real" Chinese food just like Olive Garden is "real" Italian food. Most of those little Chinese take out places serve up generic dishes similar to Panda Express which all to me taste the same. Try going further east on Artesia Blvd past Normandie Ave. next to the 99 Ranch Market called Tasty Kitchen. I think you may like that place better? They do have luncheon specials.

          Tasty Kitchen
          1324 W Artesia Blvd, Gardena, CA 90248

          1. Please try and make a trip to the San Gabriel Valley. There you can experience authentic Chinese food from all different regions of China. Once you've done that, you can say you know a little bit about Chinese food. Here are some places to try:

            Mei Long Village
            Dean Sin World
            101 Noodle Express
            Chung King
            Seafood Harbor

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              Marinating with Coke, 7Up is more of a Filipino barbecue thing. It's really good.