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Oct 30, 2009 01:10 PM

gordon ramsey, fifteen, murano

Hi there,

I was initially set on going Maze but am now wondering if I should check out his other restaurants instead like Restaurant Gordon Ramsey. Which do you think is better?

Also, is it worth checking out Fifteen and Murano?
Some feedback or opinion will be greatly appreciated. thanks

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  1. Fifteen isn't owned by GR it is Jamie Oliver's fine diner, I have never been, but it is reported to be OK but not outstanding.

    RGR, Murano and Maze are all owned by GR (as well as others). RGR is his tope fine diner, classic and traditional still serving dishes that GR made a name for himself with (remember he is very rarely in the kitchen and the head chef here is Clare Smyth) . Maze is more modern British is a more relaxed room, run by one of the UK's more exciting chefs Jason Atherton. And Murano is an Italian inspired menu, run by one of his protegees, Angela Hartnett who has Italian heritage; it has a good reputation.

    Which is better? Depends on your likes, dislikes, mood and style of food. They are all different.

    1. Restaurant Gordon Ramsay on Royal Hospital Road (not the one in Claridge's) is my favorite restaurant in the world. Some would say that is sacrilege, as I have been to several of the world's best restaurants, including many 3 stars in France, The Fat Duck, El Bulli, and all the 3 stars in the US. I realize that taste is very subjective, but GR happens to suit my taste. I find the duck, the ravioli, the lobster, the sweetbreads to be some of the best dishes anywhere. Of course, I would therefore, suggest going to Gordon Ramsay RHR. However, it is not easy to get a dinner reservation. You need to book two months in advance, and I would call right when the reservations line opens. That all being said, Maze is wonderful as well, just not in the class of GR RHR.

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      1. re: Paris Dreamin

        opps I should have made myself clearer, yep I'm aware fifteen is by Jamie Oliver. Have heard mixed reviews about this place so thought of seeking fellow chowhounders' opinion.

        thanks PhilD and Paris Dreamin for replying. Goodness they all sound interesting.
        Will try my luck but guess it might be hard to snag a reservation at RHR for next mth. Hmm... looks like I'll end up back at square one and go Maze in the end. Never experienced mordern British before anyway,

        1. re: xblueberries

          No need to be fearful about Maze, it's lovely, with great food. But, that being said, it never hurts to try to snag a table at GR at RHR. The last time I was there was the first time I've ever been there that there was actually an empty table the entire evening (on a Friday too!), so it's worth a try. Must be the recession.