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Oct 30, 2009 12:47 PM

Anyone have info on the Highland Cafe space in Malden?

This much I know from walking by and peering in the windows, and talking to the contractors:

It will open as another pizza/pasta restaurant (snore, unless they can replicate Highland Cafe pizza in all its glory).

Renovations appear to be ongoing.

They redid the bar with what appears to be granite and I saw a tap for *gasp* Stella Artois (not a bad sign).

I am very interested in when and what will be happening in this space!

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  1. Went by last night and saw the new sign, Ravi's Pasta and Pizzeria.  Not sure about the name - the place looks great but the name makes me think of a sub shop and not a restaurant.

    However, name aside, I hope the food will be great as a live just down the street.

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    1. re: debidokun

      The owner also owns Dean's Pastacchia - the pasta wholesaler near Stop and Shop in Somerville/Medford line (near Assembly Square Mall). The pasta that they sell is very good, espcially the RAVIoli's.

      1. re: debidokun

        Thanks for the info. If they kept the pizza ovens and got the pizza makers back, I will be very very excited. Highland Cafe had the best pizza around, in my opinion...well, not in the same league as Bianchi's in Revere, but definitely very solid pizza.

      2. A month or so ago they had a small sign in the window which stated it was going to be a family run Italian restaurant... maybe they can take Bambino's place... I am hoping it's not just another pizza joint- between Malden/Medford every other store front is a pizza joint!

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        1. re: MeffaBabe

          Yes, but Highland Cafe was a sit-down place with many non-pizza offerings (as I think this new place will be). And also, it was really GOOD pizza. Mostly in Malden I've just found "eh" pizza.

          1. re: ginafly

            Yes, Highland made a good pizza -- the rest of the food was so-so. The waitresses were great. The drinks were cheap. Even if they bring back the pizza and waitresses, something tells me the drinks won't be as cheap.

        2. I heard it's open! Anyone been?

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            I have not been. However, I live around the corner. For the last week it has been very busy every night. Even the bar has been very busy.

            I wish them all the best.

          2. I went on Wednesday. The pizza was positively transcendent. I could not have been happier. We also had a fried artichoke appetizer that was just okay (canned artichoke hearts, meh).

            The wine list was actually really interesting. They had Oyster Bay Sauv Blanc (a favorite budget white of mine) and a red wine from The Hitching Post (from Sideways), which is surely not something you see in Malden everyday.

            I am excited to try some of the pastas.

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