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Oct 30, 2009 12:47 PM

Big Carl down in price

Looks like Carls Jr has dropped the price of the big carl from 2.49 to 1.99, at least out here in southern california, twice the meat and cheese of a big mac. I just wonder if it is the same size as the old one.

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  1. WOW THATS A HELL OF A BUY wish they had them here oin jersey. is the big hardee lower alsoZ?? dont have any of those here either lols.

    1. I must make a correction, the CJ's I mentioned said yes all CJ's had lowered their price to 1.99, I went to one today and it was still 2.49, so I got some bum info from a Carls employee, but it is still a good sized sandwich for 2.49.

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        It may be a franchise-specific thing--I noticed that a lot of San Fernando Valley CJr's had the Big Carl at $1.99 pretty much from the beginning; meanwhile, I think the national ads and the website still say $2.49. What's interesting is that the price for the Big Carl at the store near Sepulveda and Ventura is $1.99 vs. $2.49 at the UCLA store, but the Valley location's price for the Big Carl combo (and most of the other combos) is 10c higher than at UCLA!

        The real thing to do is collect the coupons that arrive in the junk mail and the LA Times. The most recent set had twelve coupons, with a lot of useful ones like free medium fries and free medium drink with a Parmesan Chicken, upgrade any sandwich to a combo for $1, free medium fries with a Big Carl or an Original $6 burger, free small Original $6 combo with purchase of any size Original $6 combo (that one saves nearly $8), and various twofers.

      2. On the opposite end of this............ I walked into a McDonald's (In Dana Point, CA) just looking for a cheap, quick, filling something-or-other. During one of Sunday's games I saw a McD's commercial for the Dollar Menu items. Uh-uh! At my McD's the $1 Double Cheeseburger was $1.19. The Carl's Jr was on the opposite side of the street and I was in a hurry, or I would have gone for the Big Carl in a flash...... at either price.