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Oct 30, 2009 12:22 PM

Hangtown on Burnet closing...

That's the word on the street. That corner location in the Allandale Shopping Center seems to be a 'kiss of death' location. Is the Hangtown in Westlake still open??

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  1. I tried to like this place. I really did. But the burgers were mediocre and the pizza's did not look too exciting either. They had a small children's section, which is a good idea, but it was pretty lame, to be honest.

    1. Yep it's still open. They have pretty good fish tacos with chipotle sauce (more like oil) that is good. I'd get them more often but fried fish and queso are too heavy for a regular lunch. Their reed's (?) salad is good with tons of feta.

      1. I'm not so sure that it is a kiss of death location - the right places just haven't been there. A long time ago, it was a Panchos. It sat empty for a long time, but Romeo's opened and did a respectable business there. After the sale of Romeo's, the new owners shuttered it for some reason.

        Since that time, it has been an Asian Buffet, a mediocre seafood type bar thing (Dry Dock), and now Hangtown. Hangtown could have worked if they'd changed their suburban concept (that seemingly works at the other location). It was always weird to order beer there, because there's nothing good and it is only bottled beer, kind of expensive, and you can't run a tab. Add in about ten good taps with a cheap draft option, and business would pick up.

        And the damn horrendous music that they's crazy. It seems that the intention is to drive people out of the place like one of those sonic rat machines. They started piping it outside, seemingly to attract attention to the place, but that just made me avoid walking past it on my way to HEB. Change the music, and business might not be driven away screaming.

        FInally, the burger competition has heated up on Bur(ger)net Road. Sonic, Billy's, Hat Creek, Phils, Hangtown, the Pour House, Hil-Berts, Top Notch, another Sonic, Jack in the Box, Houston's, McD's, Mooyah's. You'd better have a damn good burger to stand up to that (Pour House takes the prize for me).

        Speaking of music, the music at that particular HEB is awesome (often known as the worst HEB in the city). Notice that Blockbuster is moving across the plaza next to Twin Liquors. The HEB is expanding through that space up to the Antique Marketplace. Not sure what opportunities arise for that space.

        Top Notch
        7525 Burnet Rd, Austin, TX 78757

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          I agree - that HEB does have great music!

        2. Yes, closed as of 10/31/2009. Too bad; the walled-off section made a good meeting room for 20-30 people.