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Oct 30, 2009 11:08 AM

Valrhona chocolate: sold at retail? Where?

Does anyone know of any retail store(s) that carry this famous chocolate?

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  1. Where are you? If you're looking to buy locally, rather than online, then you should post on your local board.

      1. Trader Joe's and Williams-Sonoma have them in bar form. Most of the Whole Foods I've been to in both TX and MA sell chunks chipped off from the large bakers' blocks. Neither TJ nor WF (at least none of the ones I've been to) sell Valrhona in callets (discs).

        I think TJ and WS also sell Valrhona cocoa.

        My favorite form of Valrhona is the bakers' discs for ease of portioning. If you don't mind buying online, both World of Chocolate and Chocosphere carry Valrhona as well as other brands people associate with high-quality chocolate (Callebaut, Michel Cluizel, Pralus, Scharffen Berger, etc.)

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          I believe you mean World Wide Chocolate. Chocosphere ships from Oregon, while World Wide Chocolate is in New Hampshire.

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. You can purchase Valrohna chocolate at a chocolate shop in Steveston Village (Richmond). I think the name of the shop is "Sinfully The Best".