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Oct 30, 2009 10:12 AM

Oakland: Pizzaiolo- donuts, frittata and awesome apple turnovers … awesome and amazing apple turnovers.

The turnover goes straight to the top of my list as best apple turnover in the Bay Area. It is so far ahead of the pack in the apple turnover world. It is like Mine that Bird at the Kentucky Derby, a standout winner.

The turnover is like the best croissant ever, buttery, flakey, and crunchy. There were two types, regular and caramel.

I bought the caramel reluctantly. I’m a classic apple turnover person but it sounded interesting. The filling was great. It was more like a regular turnover with brown sugar which upped the deliciousness.

There was the right amount of filling not too little ... each bite had filling ... not too much. There were tasty chunky apples that were the right texture.

Be warned this is rich. It is difficult to close your mouth because your lips keep slipping apart from all that butter.

Here’s a report by Jasmine G about the buttermilk and pumpkin donuts

She wrote

“each doughnut came with a doughnut hole, which was a nice touch. These are big fluffy cakey doughnuts, sprinkled in sugar, for $2 each, and they were pretty delicious. I didn't taste that much pumpkin in the pumpkin one, though -- I mean, it tasted good, just not particularly pumpkiny. They were fresh when I bought them, but I didn't eat both of them that day, and they were still pretty tasty reheated in my toaster oven for breakfast this morning.

I also had Dream Fluff doughnuts on Sunday (it was a doughnut kind of weekend) and their old fashioned still have my heart.”

They have different donuts every day with the buttermilk served everyday. I’m guessing the pumpkin is the donut of the month. Yesterday they had raised donuts with chocolate topping and custard filled donuts covered with chocolate.

The people who don’t like the rich Artisan Bakery custard-filled might like these which are toned back. For me, not so much. They were good … who dislikes a custard-filled donut … but something was off.

Actually two things … the donut is more like brioche. The chocolate tasted lovely with a bittersweet edge, but is tpo runny. Eating it is messy but not in a good way.

Ditto with something being off about the buttermilk donut. I only had a donut hole so I’m not sure what that was. However, covering them in cinnamon sugar was wrong. It overpowers any buttermilk flavor. I need classic plain, glazed, maple or chocolate.

I’m not sure about the donut hole policy. I asked and got a uncommitted reply … tho it did score me a free donut hole. Not everyone gets one who orders a donut. I think it would be nice if they served a plate of each flavor of donut holes.

I’m not sure what donuts are served on other days. I think they have an apple fritter.

The frittata was good with lots of veggies in it.

They still have toast with a choice of Blue Chair jam. Blue Bottle is the coffee. Hot chocolate and organic tea (black, jasmine or Gemaicha) round out the menu.

5008 Telegraph Ave, Oakland, CA 94609

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. What time does Pizzaiolo open for breakfast?

      5008 Telegraph Ave, Oakland, CA 94609

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      1. re: nicedragonboy

        8am - noon Mon-Sat

        Someone said the donuts usually sell out by 10 am

      2. They had raised with chocolate on top? Be still my heart.

        I'm with you about doughnuts, I don't like them covered in cinnamon sugar either, I like glazed or chocolate much better.

        That's interesting about the holes, maybe it's a weekend thing?

        Also: "who dislikes a custard-filled donut" -- that would be me! But I might need to go back to see if the chocolate raised is around.

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        1. re: JasmineG

          Seriously ... think brioche rather than raised. I hope someone drops a hint about making apple cider donuts. I would have done it but they were just slammed so chatting was not an option. I didn't even bother to ask the donut schedule.

        2. The pastry schedule: (for now)

          Buttermilk and pumpkin donuts every day
          Chocolate glazed yeasted donuts (and custard filled) on Thursdays
          Plain glazed yeasted donuts on Saturdays

          Croissants on Friday and Saturday
          Prosciutto and Cheese Croissants on Friday
          Chocolate croissants on Saturday

          Turnovers every day, fillings vary from day to day.

          1. I got the almond turnover this morning, which was pretty delicious -- like a bear claw in puff pastry instead of croissant dough. Really flaky, and the filling wasn't as sweet as it is in many bear claws.

            Note to remember: they're cash only in the mornings.