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Oct 30, 2009 09:42 AM

Tiger Sushi in Minneapolis?

Been hearing some interesting things about this place. What's the consensus here? I'm not exactly a sushi fan, but I suspect that's more because I've had lousy sushi in the past, and so am trying to find a place that "does it right," so to speak.

Tiger Sushi
222 W Market, Minneapolis, MN 55425

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  1. If you are stuck at the MOA and want sushi - its not half bad.

    I wouldn't make a trip to the Mall to eat it.

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    1. re: St Paul Susie

      They also have a location in Minneapolis - on Lyndale and 24th?

      1. re: babaoriley7

        Yes they do although I'm not sure about address. I think it's called Tiger Sushi II or something along those lines.

        My experience there has been okay (not great but not bad either). I normally go there when I feel like having some sushi on the cheap (they have a lot of half price gift cards for sale).

        If you are looking for a great sushi experience, then go to Origami. The best sushi in MSP in my opinion.

        Tiger Sushi
        222 W Market, Minneapolis, MN 55425

        Tiger Sushi II
        2841 Lyndale Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55408