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Oct 30, 2009 09:25 AM

Casual Resto for Dinner, Good Beer

Can anyone recommend a casual resto or pub in the plateau mile-end with good food, and a decent selection of beer? Prefer to avoid the standard irish pub fare if possible.

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  1. Not many places that I know of that will do good food and good selection of beers.

    The only place with a bigger than normal selection of beers is "Bière et Compagnie" on St-Denis

    1. While Au Pied de Cochon doesn't offer a big selection of beer by any means, the few they have on tap are first-rate. The food definitely qualifies as good.

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      1. re: carswell

        Thanks for the replies.

        While I would love to try Au Pied du Cochon, I think we are looking for something a bit more casual/pub like.

        I had considered Biere et Co, but am worried that the food may not be great. We don't need a huge selection of beer, but I guess our focus is more on beer than wine for this particular occasion.

        I am considering Helm - know anything about it?

        1. re: nbc_bmw

          For the record, APDC is one of the most casual restaurants in the city. And, if they had a bigger selection of brews, gastro-pub would be a good description of the atmosphere/ideology.

          The food won't be great at B&C but it won't be bad. The mussels are usually a good bet.

          Haven't been to Helm.

          1. re: nbc_bmw

            Not that I'm saying you should absolutely go there, but casual and pub-like are perfect descriptors for APDC. There's nothing chichi about the place except perhaps some of the patrons.

            1. re: SnackHappy

              Wow - I had no idea about APDC, I always thought it was more high end...
              that may be a great option in that case! thank you for clarifying!

              1. re: nbc_bmw

                The prices can be very high-end-ish if you are not careful! (especially if not really looking at the price of wine bottles!)

        2. Biere et Compagnie on St-Denis and Helm Barasseur Gourmand on Bernard would definitely fit the bill.

          1. Not a huge selection of beer but good food at Reservoir.

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            1. re: Campofiorin

              And the food really is great. But dammit if their beers aren't mediocre veering towards utterly boring.

            2. More expensive, but in Old Montreal (not plateau) is of course Garde Manger - superb food, casual bar atmosphere, good selection of beers.