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Oct 30, 2009 09:20 AM


I eat at Galatoires each time I come to N.O. and always order the lamb chops and soft shell. This time I'm determined to order the steak. Has anyone ever had a steak there or should I stick with the usual??

Galatoire's Restaurant
209 Bourbon St., New Orleans, LA 70130

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  1. Steak is fine for a change of pace ut I alwasy opt for the lamb over the steak. Still, with that bearnaise on the side, well....

    Then, too, I have sweetbreads when in the mood for an off-speed pitch.

    Try the soft shells sauteed if you have not done so already. (See Bunny Matthews, whose great cartoon shows the waiter imploring the customer to get them that way "cuz when they're fried, they come out looking like boint tarantulas"

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      "cuz when they're fried, they come out looking like boint tarantulas"


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        I know this line of discussion started back at the end of October, but how in the world are there still molting crabs in that season? Do they serve soft-shells year-round? Then they must be using frozen ones, no?

        1. re: ulterior epicure

          Crab vendors move the crabs that are about to molt into another pen and sell them as they develop. I am told this can be done artificially although I have never seen it. I do not usually have crab in winter occasional crabmeat dsih if the mood strikes but I expect to find some shell in it and often do. But as a general rule, soft shells can be had most of the year and most of the ones you get in MD come from down here. All that said, a restaurateur friend tells me that some of the finest he has had for sale---and they got lots of compliments---were from SE Asia somewhere and were frozen (he admitted this freely).

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            I should have added that, in galatoire's, I have been told on many occasions that the things were "fresh frozen" but they will level with you.

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              Thanks. My concern stems from the fact that I'll be headed to NOLA in the dead of winter. And I can't imagine they'll have any soft shell crabs on the menu. And if they do, I'd be hesitant to order them.

              1. re: ulterior epicure

                Just ask the waiter if they are worth a damn...his tip will ride on it.

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                  @ hazelhurst: You are a gem. I like your style.

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                    Very silly question: are outrageous derby/Ascot hats appropriate at Galatoire's night and day, or only during the day?

                    1. re: ulterior epicure

                      Hats are always fine..there are a couple of customers with derbys. You also see boaters, lots of so-called Panamas, occasional homburg. Of course, at Carnival, you are likely to see just about anything.

      2. FYI- We got to new orleans for the dallas weekend game and our constant waiter Robert steered me away from the steak and back on to the lambchops and no there was no soft shell crab. Some day I'm going to order a steak at galatoires. Couldn't believe how beautiful the lobby of the Royal Sonesta was during Christmas.