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Oct 30, 2009 08:09 AM

Ole Gourmet in Florida

I was just on the Chabad of South Florida's website and it said that Ole Gourmet was no longer kosher. Does anyone have any information on that? I am hoping it is just a matter of them switching hashgachot, not that they are actually trief.

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  1. No idea. I tried to do an order on the Sunday Oct 18th and they were closed. I can try and stop by there next week and report back.

    1. Following up: They did have certification with Chabad and Gobor. I checked with my rabbi on Friday and he said he would check with Gobor.

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      1. re: cherylp3

        okay. Ole did go not kosher. They are rekashering the kichen and going back under Gobor supervison. Not sure if they are planning on Chabad or not.

          1. re: dfsny613

            Gobor - Greater Orlando Board of Rabbi's. I'm not sure who is doing the certifying.

      2. Unfortunately, they are no longer in business at all. :( It's a real shame!

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        1. re: mullertwin

          I haven't been in the area lately I am surprised to hear this as well.

          1. re: cherylp3

            i just spoke to them on the phone they are open they changed certification to Gobor

            1. re: moisheukd

              I drove by at about 6pm on Thursday night and the lights were off. You may want to call before you go.

              1. re: cherylp3

                My sister went by last week and I went by aroiund 6pm tonight (Sunday) and it was dark. We heard they went out of business. Check out Cohen's Deli in Clermont. It's not too far from Disney and has Chabad certification.

                1. re: flcedar

                  I spoke to the daughter of the person who owned it last, they said it was hard keeping the restaurant open, so they had to close down.