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Oct 30, 2009 06:39 AM

India West: Best Indian in Dallas

India West is owned by the folks that started Kabab n Kurry. Its located just east of Beltline and the Tollway. With a modern american decor, well trained, if not a tad too formal servers, the place gives off an Americanized vibe. But the food is pure India, and excellent. Portions are large, and nicely plated. Although the menu has fewer items than many places, it still covers quite a bit. We had Masala and vindaloo, 2 types of naan, and a samosa. Everything was as god if not beter than what Ive had at any place in DFW.

7447 N MacArthur Blvd, Irving, TX 75063

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  1. Which places have you been to that you are comparing it to in Dallas, just curious. Also what type of masala and vindaloo did you have? I would assume the samosa was a curried veggie? How was that naan fresh from the tandoor?

    Best Indian in Dallas is quite a claim!

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      Ive been to, among others, Saffron House, Taj Mahal, India Palace, Kabab n Kurry, all of the indo-chinese places at Beltline and 75, and a few others that dont come to mind. Ive also been to at least 6 places in Chicago and would rate it as good as those if not better.

      The naan was very fresh and hot out of the Tandoor. Not too buttery. A little bit crispy outside and soft and hot inside. We had chicken tikka masala. It was a mild cream and tomato based curry. We had chicken vindaloo. It was a thicker, tomato base and fairly spicey (we ordered it medium). The samosa was potato and peas, although they have a lamb samosa too.

      Perhaps what distinguishes it from other places in Dallas is the new modern interior, trained servers and bussers, and nice plating. It felt more upscale american without any upscale prices. The only downside is that the menu is more limited than some places.

      India Palace Restaurant & Bar
      12817 Preston Rd Ste 105, Dallas, TX 75230

      Saffron House
      5100 Belt Line Rd Ste 728, Dallas, TX 75254

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        which are the good indo-chinese places? Do they have gobi manchurian?