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Leftover Scalloped Potatoes - What to do?

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I have some leftover scalloped potatoes (potatoes, swiss cheese, milk, onions from Julia Child). What can I do with them? Soup? Hash?

Would love to hear ideas and get any recipes.


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  1. I think the soups would work well, diluting with a good chicken stock, blending and then heating VERY GENTLY (boiling wil clump the leftover cheese into globs). A hash might work, too, once again being very respectful of that cheese and heating very slowly and gently to create a nice, cheesey crust.

    What might be fun and a little different is to mash the scalloped potatoes into rough chunks, use half to line a pie plate, fill with a nice blend of browned seasoned meat (ground pork or beef or turkey), top with remaining potato for a crust and bake at 350 for 30-40 minutes: voila, a twist on shepherd's pie!

    1. Not a recipe, but they're best rewarmed in a nonstick skillet over medium to medium-high heat. They'll get a nice crust on the bottom that I like better than the original serving.

      This is also hands-down the best way to reheat pizza.

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        yes, i'd agree. keep them as scalloped, but heat them in a skillet. the crust is the best part!!!

        ps, i love scalloped potatoes i've made with jalapeƱo jack and cream. oooh la la.

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          And serve with scrambled eggs and bacon for breakfast. Yum!

      2. They are good for breakfast with a fried egg. Maybe a dash of hot sauce if you are into that.

        dmd_kc is right about the rewarming method. Though if you have the oven on for some reason (or have a toaster oven), I still like that method for reheating it. I rarely reheat in my oven because it's a bit overkill for one serving, but if I had the oven on to make some bread or something, I'll ride out the heat to re-heat my potatoes.

        1. One of my favorite food bloggers "repurposed" her Gratin dauphinois into soup, I think it sounds amazing:


          Warning: There is some strong language in her blog, but if that doesn't bother you, head over-she's a hoot to read.

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            Great blog; thanks for introducing this!

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              I know this is off topic but I love her blog- especially her liveblogging for Top Chef. She cracks me up. It's the one blog i look at everyday.

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              Ding ding ding... we have a winner! I'm making the gratin soup with leeks, but probably not the grilled cheese. Maybe a salad instead. Thanks JCattles for the link - an excellent read!

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                omg she is hilarious! thanks for the recommend!

              2. Butterfly a large chicken breast and place a generous helping of your leftover scalloped potatoes inside the "pocket" along with chopped spinach and you have a wonderful stuffing. The potatoes and cheese, milk, onions will keep the chicken nicely moist.

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                    M mm, that sounds delicious. Maybe add a little ham for a kinda cordon bleu?

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                      Great idea! Lots of possibilities on this one. Even leftover baked ham butterflied and stuffed with the scalloped potatoes would be tasty repurpose.

                  2. add some cooked vegetables such as green beans or peas and carrots or asparagus or broccoli florets and reheat carefully so as not to curdle the cheese.

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                      Along the same lines, add peas plus prosciutto or cooked pancetta/bacon.

                    2. Chop them, put in a large oven-proof skillet with a decent amount of olive oil, cooked meat of veg, if you like, cover with lots of beaten eggs and bake at 350 until set. This produces a Tortilla Espagnol-ish sort of dish, good either hot, warm, or room temp. This is a good dish for feeding overnight guests in the morning.

                      1. Use them to top pizza, along with some garlic, rosemary or tarragon, sauteed wild mushrooms, chicken or bacon...

                        1. To close the loop on this, I made potato soup and it was great. I roughly chopped the cold potatoes and put then in a non-stick saucepan, then covered them with chicken stock. Brought that to a boil then simmered it for about 10 minutes to get it hot and runny. Then I used a blender to puree it all, and put it back in the pot; it needed a LOT of liquid to get to thick soup consistency.

                          I also sauteed up some scallions until they were turning brown and put them in the soup - tasty! My husband requested that next time I not puree all the potatoes, as he likes his soup a bit chunky.

                          Now I have leftover potato soup, but that freezes well - I just had some for lunch!

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                            """""Now I have leftover potato soup"""""
                            now, your next thread is, "what can i do with lots of frozen potato soup?" LOL.

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                              Can you dehydrate it and make scalloped potatoes ?

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                              Valyn, next you can go in the direction of a hot dip served with a variety of crusty, earthy breads. Just add cream cheese to your leftover soup, placed in an oven proof dish and heat til bubbly. No need to re-freeze.

                              1. I chopped up my ham and scalloped potatoes, made patties and fried them in a hot skillet with a little butter til crispy, then have it with my fried egg! Delicious!

                                1. Spray muffin cups with non stick spray. Layer scalloped potatoes and diced Ham, repeat. Top with fresh cheese and bake until heated through. Mini scalloped potatoes and ham. Have a side of cream corn. (I always keep leftover ham slices of approx. 3-4 slices in vacuum sealed bags in the freezer. Perfect for these instances)

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                                    sounds really neat and delicious!