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Oct 30, 2009 06:23 AM

Sheva Brachot at Talia's

I'm organizing a sheva brachot for my brother on the UWS. Our restaurant choices are Darna and Talia's. Having never been to Talia's, I have only heard complaints about the service. Has anyone been there for a large-group event and have any comments to share? I've been to Darna and have enjoyed myself.


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  1. Talia's is very inconsistent. I've had good experiences and awful experiences. The closest to a rule I can find is that the less crowded they are the better they are. There staff just can't handle a full restaurant. Since you will be going with a large group yourself I'd suggest avoiding Talia's and going to Darna.

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        DC ...Could you explain your post for the rest of us?

        Oooo never mind '>>>>>>' = 'much greater than'?

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          Gotta agree there. Love Darna. You get an eclectic food experience there unlike typical American cuisine too, so that is a plus. I love the lamb tajin - I get it every time!