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Oct 30, 2009 06:10 AM

Where to find Elmo cupcakes in NW Philly or the burbs?

Does anyone know of bakeries that regularly stock Elmo cupcakes? Bredenbecks in Chestnut Hill sells them occassionally but I'm hoping to find a bakery that carries them all the time. Thanks!

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  1. The Legacy Diner in Audubon, NJ has Elmo and Cookie Monster cupcakes pretty regularly. It's on the White Horse Pike about 7 or 8 miles outside of Philly.

    White Horse Restaurant
    4 W Camden Ave, Moorestown, NJ 08057

    1. Ponzios Diner on Route 70 in Cherry Hill always has these.

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        I second Ponzios - however, it seems Acme and most of the other supermarket chains may be willing to do this for you if you order ahead of time. They pop up occasionally but I can't vouch for taste - they may not be as gourmet as some of the fancy bakeries but fine for a bunch of 3 year olds.

      2. You can get them anytime at George's Shop N Bag in Dresher. They have the smaller cupcakes (both Elmo and Cookie Monster) and they can also do a bigger cupcake cake that feeds more people in Elmo or Cookie.

        1. Eiselen's Bakery in Roxborough. Ridge ave. and Domino ln. They make elmo cupcakes, as well as big bird and cookie monster.

          1. There's a baged goods area in the Market at Lafayette Hill... if memory serves thay have them there from time to time.