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Oct 30, 2009 05:44 AM

The Best Southern BBQ Ribs in S. Florida, please???? An old question but always relevant:

I am new to Boynton Beach (West Palm-Boca area)

I must find the BEST LOCAL SOUTHERN BBQ RIB PLACE in PB/Broward County!

Type of place that people wait in line, or has been around for 50 yrs and you see lots of big guys with fat bellies! Where, please?

I will travel 20 miles or so.....

I have heard of Shorty's. Any place NOT part of a chain? Free standing independent.

A little hole in the wall shack.

Thank you!

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  1. You can't get any more "A little hole in the wall shack" than Troy's.

    On west side of Federal Hwy about 1 mile N of Boynton Beach Blvd.

    Take-out only, open random hours, usually "sold out" of most items, may want to bring a bodyguard or self-defense item.

    Other than that, it's great! :-)

    Here's everything you ever need to know about WPB BBQ:

    Have fun and write up your findings.

    1. Troy's (a shanty shack) is closest to you. More of a 'charcoal grilled with some smoke' type ribs than traditionally smoked.

      I do not recommend Shorty's, Lucille's Bad To The Bone, Park Avenue, or even Mississippi Sweets for that fact. But if you are not looking for real deal smoked BBQ ribs, then these places might be for you.

      Great links CFB!

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        Freakerdude! I was thinking of you last week when I was over in Sarasota for the day. I saw a neat "barn on wheels" BBQ trailer with a smoker in back of it. Called "Aldays BBQ". Mrs. Mac and I ventured over to see what was cookin' and lo and behold they had some fine looking ribs and boston butts smoked up. We bought a couple of pounds of the ribs and a HUGE chopped pork sammich and headed back to Ft. Pierce. They was some mighty fine ribs and the pork sammich was pretty tasty. The sauce was decent but everything is "less than" when you're used to "Blues Hog" or the "Pig Sauce" from the Pig in Jacksonville (Normandy Blvd). Overall excellent. You would have approved. And Mr. Alday is a pretty nice fella too and threw in a few extras for the ride home!


        1. re: LargeLife

          What is Blues Hog sauce? Is that an award winning or popular sauce? I make a pretty good sauce here at home.

          I love trying out roadside BBQ. It's where you typically find the best.

          1. re: freakerdude

            Blues Hog is a very good sauce, sort of KC-style tomato without the ketchup taste. It's thick, sticky, and sweet, but has a lot of spice to it as well.


            1. re: freakerdude

              FD....Let's put it this way.....Blues Hog BBQ a sauce that TOP WINNING KCBS contestants pour straight from a bottle and win championships with......It's an interesting sauce...a little sweet....with a little buzz....a myriad of ingredients....some you would expect....some you wouldn't.....Has a different character when cooled as compared to when hot.....Like EVERY sauce....some love....some don't.....But I have personally seen it poured right from the bottle on to meat....that went on to win KCBS MAJOR TITLES........with more than 100 teams competing......Emac

              1. re: freakerdude

                Could this be what I'm looking for? EVERY BBQ sauce that I try to buy is filled with either MSG or high fructose corn syrup. It's all the more irksome in that they typically use "down home recipe with home-cooked fixin's" sort of language on the label. Not an irony that I enjoy!

                The links for the store were down on their page...

                1. re: dbarnard

                  The high fructose... yeah, well that sucks. MSG, however, is not actually as criminal an ingredient as you might believe.

                    1. re: dbarnard

                      MSG is pretty criminal to me, and my wife, for that matter. We both get symptoms somewhere between the flu and a hangover. I cook with all sorts of different spices, and never once has this happened. Some experts believe that monosodium glutamate is a direct cause of obesity, diabetes, autism and attention deficit hyperactive disorder. Others say that it's the reason that folks feel hungry a half hour after eating Chinese food.

                      Not what I want to be eating!

                      1. re: dbarnard

                        Not to disagree with you -- I'm sure what you experience isn't worth eating the stuff! But many experts also believe that MSG has absolutely no harmful side effects. You might find this article on the subject a very illuminating read:


                        1. re: johnmlinn

                          I'm an msg fan. (Or, at least, a fan of anything that boosts umami flavor.)
                          But I don't agree with the argument offered in the first section of that article: "If MSG is so bad for you, why doesn't everyone in Asia have a headache?"
                          It assumes that everyone should react the same way to MSG, which seems unlikely, considering how different our other tastes our (just consider the variable reactions to alcohol known to be related to the levels of alcohol dehydrogenase, which vary widely).

                          However, I do believe there is a certain amount of msg hysteria out there.

                          I'm glad you posted that guardian link. This is the first time I've seen the reference to the 1968 article in the New England Journal of Medicine describing a 'Chinese restaurant syndrome.'
                          The symptoms the writer described actually sound a bit like scombroid poisoning, a condition which is accepted without any controversy.

                          At any rate, I've put Blues Hog sauces on my list of bbq sauces to try.

                          1. re: johnmlinn

                            I always really liked R.M. Quiggs rice products. Then I checked the ingredients and saw MSG listed as the first item after enriched rice. Checking other yellow rice brand products, I found the same thing. Read your ingredients if it seems too good. I'm unsure if MSG negatively affects me though.

                2. Try a new place called Sheila's on 12 Avenue South and U.S. 1 in Lake Worth. Great cracked conch, pulled pork, wings and ribs.

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                  1. re: DiFlorida

                    I saw this place last week as I have my knives sharpened a block away was it good and and what was the best thing you ate??

                    1. re: pikiliz

                      PBI, but where do you get your knives sharpened?

                      I also want to know more about Sheila's :)

                      1. re: OysterHo

                        attached is my new blade tech, long family;y history in sharpening and my new guy
               as far as Sheila's I have not been there yey I ahve a few blades need sharpening next month so I will try it then

                    2. Surprised i havent seen anyone else mention this place but Tom Jenkins at Davie Blvd. and US1 in ft. lauderdale imo is the best real BBQ in S. Fla. All meat is fully smoked in a big wood oven. all the sides and sauce are home made and incredible. they have a constant line, there is only one of them, and they have home made peach cobbler and sweet potato pie. only place i remember being any good in PB county was on 45th st. near the old jai alai bldg and it was shackish and always running out. but very good and had a mustard based sauce. tom jenkins is molasses based but they realy are the best.

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                        Tom Jenkins is mentioned in the thread that CFByrne linked to above