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Oct 30, 2009 05:11 AM


I'm in Baltimore for meeting. A member of the group trained here many years ago and has suggested O'Breckies for crab. We are at the Waterfront Marriott. He acknowledges its been many years since he was there.
The question is....should we give it a try or ?????

10 to 12 people doesn't need to be fancy or cheap

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  1. Like with most crabhouses, you'll get a wide range of opinions on Obrycki's. I like the black pepper -- it's a nice alternative to the Old Bay that most crabhouses use -- and I've always gotten nice heavy crabs there. But, it's been several years since I've been to Obrycki's.

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      It's sort of like going to Charlie Vergos Rendevous in Memphis for ribs. It's just what you do when you're in town. Obrycki's is a classic crabhouse. Cal Ripkin and many players used to go there after baseball games at Camden Yards. Obrycki's was just featured on the most recent episode of Man Vs. Food on Travel Channel. It may get a bump from that and could be busy. It's worth it. Make sure you grab yourself a pit beef sammy while you're in town. That's Baltimore's own invention and mighty good.

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        worth it, but when you order, you need to specifically ask for fresh hardshells, not reheated precooked.

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          I always enjoy Obrycki's. would request the largest crabs they have and make sure they are steamed fresh and not reheated. sit down for hours eating crabs, drinking beer and if you like mix in some steamed spiced shrimp, crab cakes, crab soup, corn on the cob and sliced beefsteak tomatoes and you are living life right in the land of pleasent living!

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            What?? Need to ask for fresh, not reheated crabs? Ew

      2. Obrycki's is our family's favorite crab house. If you go, get the biggest crabs you can and wash 'em down with pitchers of the house brew.

        That said, if the members of your party have not eaten hard shell crabs before, they need to be warned in advance that the crabs are messy and there are aspects that are not appealing to the untrained eye. And it is a lot of work to get a (relatively) little meat. I have seen enough out-of-towners get squeamish over their first experience with hard-shell crabs that I rarely recommend a visit to people who have not been.

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          Anyone who's eaten a lobster should not have problems with steamed crabs. Someone who's never had a lobster might have some trouble, but as long as they are seafood lovers, one taste of fresh blue crab meat will let them know it's worth the effort.

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          1. aren't they closed for a good chunk of the year?

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              They close for the winter on November 8th, and reopen on March 16th.

            2. I used to think Obrycki's was the place to be until I found out that it's probably the worst place to be. Their prices are quite high for the area, their crabs are often light, and not from Maryland. Most importantly, they reheat their crabs. The only good thing is their crab cakes, but it's also the smallest I've seen around. Yes, it's a tourist spot as their reviews are everywhere on the web. As now a seasoned Maryland crab eater, I would go to Seaside Pasadena, or even Mr. Bill's Tavern.

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              1. re: cfoodie

                I have had crabs from or at Obrycki's perhaps twice a year for the last several years and have never had light or re-cooked crabs and find their prices comparable to other crab houses. They close for the year on Nov 7.. As good as Mr. Bill's is, and they may be the best, I can asure you that they do not restrict their sales to maryland crabs.

                1. re: jfish

                  Bill's gets their crabs I think from Texas so that they have a consistant supply. I would go to Bill's over Obrycki's anyday.

                2. re: cfoodie

                  Obrycki's crabs are OK, I think they were better when they were at their old location. The place is just plain ugly inside, who decorated it? It's depressing!

                  1. re: Jackzig

                    When did they move? From where?