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Need a good bakery in the Central Jersey area

Hi all,

Need to get a birthday cake and do not know of any good, creative bakeries in the central Jersey area. I live in Manalapan and have not been overly thrilled with the bakeries around here. Can anyone recommend one?


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  1. Never tried this place but keep hearing about it on this website and from others in "the know"...

    Sugar & Sunshine


    1. My favorite bakery of all time is still The Flakey Tart in Highlands, but I don't think they do special occasion cakes.
      I have always enjoyed the cakes from Abbate Bakery in Matawan.

      1. Natale's in Summit.

        1. Mendoker's in Jamesburg.

            1. I am with you Cece! There is nothing here in Manalapan!! I only bought bread once in that bakery that was in Town Pointe, next to Hunan on Rt. 9. I forget the name, but that was the only bakery I ever saw in this area. I usually just go to Wegmans or whip something up myself (because I am so picky!!) If you are looking for something specific, let me know, maybe I can give you a recipe! :)

              Funny, when I was a teenager (3 years ago...hee hee I WISH!) I use to work in Vaccaro's Bakery in Clark. I thought they were the BEST on the planet, until of course I saw there little "tricks".

              Good luck!

              Just thought of this place...my neighbor told me they have great canoli's!


              La Rosa's in Shewsbury!

              Chapel Ave, Jersey City, NJ 07302

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                The bakery in Town Pointe was Palma's.

                Chapel Ave, Jersey City, NJ 07302

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                  I've gotten a few cakes from Wegman's that were as good as any independent bakery, if not better. Mendoker's is also very good, but could be a bit pricey I have found.

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                    I agree with "Jethro".........Wegmans has excellent pies, cakes, and pastries
                    better than many independant bakeries,....also Whole Foods bakery is excellent

                    Whole Foods
                    905 River Rd, Edgewater, NJ 07020

              2. Haiche's in South Plainfield

                  1. Probably not practical for the Manalapan area, but our go-to bakery for cakes is Raritan Pastry Shop in Raritan.

                    1. What's For Dessert on Rt 71 in Belmar makes the BEST cakes I have ever eaten. Ever.