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Oct 30, 2009 12:42 AM

Your revelations or surprises in sushi

Between the sushi at the counter or the high-end sushi … the most I`ve learnt are from the masters, in the high class restaurant I have taken ideas, learnt new taste , in sushi places also, there was a first surprise to test sushi as never tried somewhere else as ‘’torigai’’, ‘’toro’’, ‘’kobashira’’ and especially the best ‘’uni’’.
Going there alone is a true pleasure, observing, discovering and in front of the eyes of the masters will eat my 20-24 pieces.
My best experiences are Jiro for his work, Kanesaka to have learnt to count (pin=1, ryan=2, geta=3), Masa for his “akagai” and shari perfumed in red vinegar, Sawada for his genius on seefoods, Bentenyama for his classic Edomae, Mizutani (same order as Jiro, bad work on the Shari ), Dai san harumi (strong impact sushi and good maki, toro katsuo, shinka), …
For sure, I want to try the other disciple of Jiro (=Harutaka) and want to try some more. Give your opinions on other place you liked,… I will subscribe to them.
In advance, thanks.

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  1. Sorry I can't really add to your list, but I didn't understand your comment about Mizutani - what did you mean?

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      Davew666, thanks for your reply. In fact, it is an emotion thing to comment againt a high end sushi and more on this difficult market time. No illusion that it will influence, in fact I might be the only person who will say that MIZUTANI'shari is too strong too salty. Strange thing to see thhe same style on the order as his ex MasterCard Jiro (joke!) and not follow the 'nigirikata' firm and foundant on the mouse. Won't go twice to Mizutani, won't go 4th time to Masa, but a very good round sushi experience.
      Help me to continue with your suggestion, even on pieces only you liked.

      1. re: Ninisix

        Ah I see - so you are saying you think Mizutani is good apart from the shari is too salty - got it. Mizutani is the only "top" sushi place I've been to in Tokyo, but I am very happy with it and Mizutani-san is always very nice to me, so I have no planes yet to go elsewhere - although Sawada looks good.

        Today I tried Kyoto style sushi for the first time, it was delicious, although if I had to choose I would stick with Edo style.

        I have just arrived in Osaka and have heard good things about Sushi Endo so will be going there for an early lunch tomorrow.

        1. re: davew666

          In fact, the shari (rice) is as important as the neta (fish), it is as the brother/sister and different in each places. Will go again do a revision on my sushi conclusion even my gluttonous sushi attitude looks comic (especially on miss spell). The Edomae sushi is also my favorite one. Did you tried the hakosushi, or the oshisushi ?

          1. re: Ninisix

            In Kyoto I had sabasushi and inarisushi, both of which were delicious, I went to a place called Izuju.

            It's interesting what you say about the shari. I have noticed big differences between the rice in different places, but have never given it as much thought as the fish.

            Re Sushi Endo in Osaka, I went this morning, after taking a while to find it. I liked the concept: you get a plate of 5 pieces each time, which is always different apart from always having an o-toro. However I didn't think the sushi itself was up to much - also the rice was shaped terribly! Not that this matters, but it was a surprise. But for Y1000/5 pieces the value is pretty good.

            1. re: davew666

              Sushi is (became for me) a special occasion staple food, much like bread and good wine with ham and cheese for the French. I really enjoy it. Might go again in Kyoto before Chrismas, do you recommend the sushi place you went ? Yesterday, I looked for a new>guide on sushi places, didn`t find anything…doesn`t understand why.

              1. re: Ninisix

                yes I would recommend the place I went, although s it was my first time eating Kyoto sushi I don't have anything to compare it with. It was very tasty though. This is the place I went,


                1. re: davew666

                  Thansk. The sushi place on the "kyotofoodie" blog got also my interest. With your answer, in the occasion, I will try it.