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Oct 29, 2009 11:48 PM

Chermside, QLD dining options

My husband & I will be meeting relatives the night before we are due to fly out of Brisbane airport. Due to our early morning flight, we will be spending the night in Chermside. Are there any nicer restaurants in the area? We are open to any cuisine. Thanks!

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  1. Recently ate at : an Italian : Bella Cosi
    Address: 22 Thomas Street, Chermside
    Directions: 22 Thomas Street, Chermside, in the front of the Chermside Apartments.(off Hamilton Road)
    Lat&Long: 27º23'14.80"S; 153º01'56.40"S. (approx)
    Website: http:/
    my review:

    1. I think you will find it tough to find anything that really stands out to eat in Chermside.

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        Not really looking for a stand-out but simply a decent place to entertain (distant) relatives. I called our hotel and they too recommended Bella Cosi so I have made a booking there. Thanks for the input tho!