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Oct 29, 2009 06:56 PM

Number 9 or any other Lambertville Recommendations?

Are there any recent visits to Number 9? I was thinking of heading there this weekend, though didn't know if it was as good as I remember.

Any other places that I should consider?

We're looking for a more American type dinner menu, though all suggestions welcome.

Lambertville Cafe
236 N Union St, Lambertville, NJ 08530

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  1. No. 9 is a great option, although it has been a while since we have been. I would also look into Manon as my next choice, and Hamilton Grill Room as well. Those are our choices in Lambertville as they are all BYOB. If you just want some no frills comfort food, Cafe Galleria is a good choice too. We like to frequent there on Sunday for lunch as I love their pasta dishes, and also BYOB. Hope that helps. -mJ

    Lambertville Cafe
    236 N Union St, Lambertville, NJ 08530

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      I'd go with Hamilton Grill -- the food has never disappointed me there.

    2. We were just at No. 9 last week. Still small menu, still a bit loud, but still very good. Best to request a table against the far wall opposite of where you walk in. Bell's on N. Union (I believe) has great food, especially the specials, and a good atmosphere in the back DR. Inn of the Hawke also has surprisingly interesting dinner items although we usually get sandwiches. Rick's is fine for italian but only takes reservations for 4 or more. Hamilton's Grill is very good but resos might be tough now.

      1. Manon is my favorite restaurant in Lambertville but since you're looking for a more American type dinner menu you might consider Anton's at the Swan. Here's the link along with a recent review from NJ Monthly.

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          Ever had the burger at Anton's at the Swan? We go there in and sit in there bar a few times a year, and love the place! Their mashed potato pizza is a lot of fun too!

          Inn at the Hawke is nice as well. Was just there a few months ago.

        2. I second the mention of Hamilton Grill and have had nothing but good dining experiences there. A follow-up to the Boathouse, across the alley, is part of the experience.

          As a former resident of Lambertville, my dining experiences are defined by lack of money, so the cost always played a role, and keep in mind this is 5-7 years ago.

          I found Lambertville Station to never rise above okay, and yet the pricing is reasonable but not cheap. If you're looking for an excellent dining experience this is not the place. Oto-Ya Japanese Restaurant was, not sure about now, a VERY good Japanese restaurant located in a charming old house. Oto-Ya I would rate, if I have to give numbers, an 8 in a scale from 1 to 10.

          As diners go, Sneddon's Luncheonette on Bridge Street is as good as they get. Particularly weekend mornings, thier breakfast is basic but tasty, and service friendly & fast. You may find yourself waiting in line for 10 minutes on a Sunday morning.

          The Swan is spoken of well but my experiences there were average.

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            Have to second Sneddons - just ate there for the first time last week. It was a very solid breakfast - eggs, bacon, cottage fries, toast. And the service was very friendly.