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Oct 29, 2009 05:19 PM

Naan & Kabab - Reno

Passing through Reno on business and as luck would have it, stumbled upon this excellent new-ish Persian restaurant across from Peppermill Casino. Chowhounds in the area and gamblers looking to get away from the casino stuff really should check it out- superb kebabs and veggie stuff, nice people, reasonable prices. Name is a little confusing- was expecting Indian food, but was very pleasantly surprised by the Middle Eastern menu. Didn't find any references by searching CH so I thought I'd put in a good word.

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  1. The best kebobs in the area is Parisa's, hidden in the industrial section in Sparks.

    1. Finally got around to trying Naan & Kabab a couple weeks ago and have been back already! Both times I had lamb - once as a kabab and then lamb chops. Both times cooked perfectly and accompanied by a hefty portion of basmati rice with saffron and roasted vegetables. They start you with a basket of naan sprinkled with dill and a side of a salsa-like dip. We also ordered the vegetarian appetizer that included generous portions of hummus and baba ganoush, along with dolmas, falafel, naan, and a greek-style salad. This is a great place and was busy both times I was there. I like it!

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        Nancy: I'm glad to see the place was busy; the owners are very nice people. We ate there when it had first opened, back in May (we were in town for son's graduation). Enjoyed our meal very much.....we were staying at the Peppermill and it was very convenient; service was good; and the food was tasty and unique for Reno.