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Oct 29, 2009 04:32 PM

Top Chef: Frozen Foods Division

So I stumbled across this today while reading about last nights episode.

So far, they have:
Chicken in Red Curry Sauce - Lee Anne
Portobello and Button Mushroom Creme Soup with Walnuts - Elia
Prosciutto and Cheese Pizza - Frank
Roasted Mushroom and Parmesan Linguini with Grilled Chicken - C.J. and Tre
Polenta with Braised Meatballs - Kevin

The Schwan's truck brings it to your house, so I guess it's going to be better quality than a TV dinner. Doesn't cost much more than a value meal from McDonald's. Will anyone dare try it?

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  1. nope. No confidence. Not to mention, I looked at the website and I looked at the section called "kids favorites"---nothing but fried fried and fried.

    1. Interesting, but not enough for me to flag the truck down when it's in my neighborhood. I guess there won't be a recipe for the polenta with braised meatballs on the Top Chef web site since they're selling it frozen.

      1. Upset that they don't have monkey's ass on a scallop shell.