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Oct 29, 2009 04:30 PM

Looking in Vancouver for Great Food, Funky Environment, Not Expensive...

A group of girl friends that hardly ever get the chance to go out are planning to do so next week. We all work in the food industry but I have been back east for several months and am the one who is to decide on where to go. We need a relaxed comfortable environment where we can talk and laugh but the food should be great, the cocktail list fun, and preferrably not expensive. What's new or untried that we would enjoy?

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  1. If you want decent food and great cocktails - The Cascade on Main St.

    Another option is a small Gastown crawl which ends up at The Diamond for cocktails. Perhaps start at the Pourhouse ( it actually open now?)

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      fmed! You haven't been to the Pourhouse? It is fantastic (and has been open for a month or so now). Food and drinks are excellent (food I have not had, but friends have, and they agree it's great). Reasonably priced too.

      If you've been away from the city for awhile, I'd say try either the Pourhouse or the Diamond, or both. I'd be more keen to eat at the Pourhouse as the menu is bigger. The Diamond's food is good, but it's more noodles and snacks than a full on menu.

      1. re: peter.v

        Haha! No I haven't been to Pourhouse yet. I've been laying low.

      2. re: fmed

        check out todays Metro there is a review in there

          1. re: peter.v

            That was a good review (I've bookmarked it for future reference) but "salivatory" glands??

            BTW the brunch menu looks good if a tad pricey. Might be worth checking out... anyone been?