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Oct 29, 2009 03:53 PM

McMenemy's Pub

McMenemy's is pitching itself as an Irish Pub with a traditional Irish restaurant. We stopped in around 6:30 on a Saturday night. There is a dining room on the lower floor or a bar and dining area upstairs. We opted for upstairs as the lower floor seemed very quiet and empty.
I should note that the bar is up a steep and narrow set of stairs so if you have difficulty climbing then you might need to stay down in the lower dining area.
Upstairs was decorated nicely with autumn decor, about 10 tables and a well lit bar.
The menu was very disappointing in that the most Irish item was the bangers and mash. There was a Guinness Beef Stew more for show than for anything else as it had little Guinness taste and even less beef (about one chunk for the entire bowl).
The fish and chips were downright poor at best (the "chips" were thick potato chip slices deep fried and burned).
The bangers were ok but tough on the outside and very obviously cooked far in advance. The mash was straight from the local senior center in terms of taste and texture.
To top the experience off the waitstaff was 110% cold and indifferent. They wanted everyone out as quickly as possible. We had the bartender as our waitress and she was pretty awful.

Irish Pub
710 Main St, Presque Isle, ME 04769

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    1. re: trufflehound

      It's in Portsmouth, NH. It's in the old location that used to be another Irish place called, Molly Malone's. I thought Molly Malone's was so-so and have heard the same of the new place. Now that Ri-Ra has opened I would expect McMenemy's to change their venue soon enough.

      Portsmouth NH
      45 Gosling Rd # 15, Newington, NH

      Irish Pub
      16 Route 28, West Harwich, MA 02671