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Oct 29, 2009 03:40 PM

Does your local Target carry Groceries?

We just got coupons from Target for groceries in the mail, indicating perhaps the opening of a super target (or renovation of regular Target) to carry groceries.
How do you find the prices compared to your "regular" grocer and how is the produce generally?
Wondering if this is worth investigating or if the coupons go into the recycling. :)

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  1. I have shopped at Super Target for over 6 years. There prices relatively are comparable to Wal-Mart and lower than Kroger. Their produce stays fresh for awhile too and they have a pretty good selection. The down side to shopping for groceries at SuperTarget is that they will have a smaller selection of everything since it is not a full grocery store but I have always found what I needed.

    1. we have a regular Target, and it has nonperishables, and a few cold things like frozen dinners & milk. I pick up some things like soda & juice, sometimes cereals or snacks, but don't do much. I rarely find the Target coupons to be worthwhile, but their prices are usually comparable on the things I do buy. Then again, I have 3 groceries closer than the Target, so that may factor into it.

      1. We've only got regular Targets around here. Their Archer Farms premium store brand has some good offerings. We love their bronze cut whole wheat penne pasta, snack chips, and quickbread mixes.

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          agree that the Archer Farms stuff, both frozen and canned/boxed, are very good. I haven't found anything yet that was totally bad. The potato chips come in interesting flavors and are quite good.

          The Target closest to me has a few produce and dairy items, but no meat. The produce is VERY limited and never looks good.

          1. re: coney with everything

            Another vote for the Archer Farms brand...have yet to buy anthing with this brand that wasn't pretty good or better.

            As for the produce, I don't think it's any better or worse than Publix, but that's not saying much as I think the Produce Dept. is Publix's weakest.

            1. re: cavandre

              Third vote for the Archer Farms stuff. Excellant quality stuff.

        2. There's a huge new SuperTarget in our neighborhood with a full-blown grocery,bakery and deli. A lot of the produce is prepackaged but is generally ok. The meat cuts look kind of weird to me so I don't buy a lot of that, but they have a good selection of nearly everything else. Prices are comparable to the grocery stores, sometimes a little cheaper, and as mentioned above their house brands are fine.

          1. I've been to a few Super Target, one of which I used to shop at regularly. The meat selection was probably the worst around, but I found that the prices of other goods could be better or worse than the other groceries in the area. I didn't find that the selection of groceries at that Super Target was less than what I'd find elsewhere. The produce area was about the same size, as was the bakery and deli.

            There are some mid-sized Targets that are somewhere between a regular sized Target and a Super Target in terms of size. The one in my current community has everything except produce. You can get frozen and refrigerated items as well as a larger selection of cereals and pastas than you'd find in the traditional size target.

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            1. re: queencru

              the arrival of the coupons is interesting. I checked Target's website and there isn't a Super Target for 100 miles! unless as I said they renovated one and haven't updated the site.
              thanks all!

              1. re: jujuthomas

                Perhaps you have an expanded regular target that's in between a Super and traditional? They would not change the name to Super Target.

                1. re: queencru

                  interesting. i'll have to check into that. thanks!