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Oct 29, 2009 03:05 PM

Best way to REHEAT leftovers

I'm 32 and realizing that for the first time since being able to read the recipes, I'm without a microwave and have no idea how to heat my leftovers without one! I have put some stuff in the oven but don't know if that's the best method and the only method?
I just ruined a pot trying to reheat risotto!

Any suggestions would be appreciated. I can't believe how much I relied on the microwave in the past!

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  1. I suppose it's either pot or oven, depending on type of leftovers.

    1. I wrote this before but I guess it didn't post so will redo.

      You can put something in an oven-proof pan and cover tightly with foil and reheat at 300 (or higher). Or you can make a foil packet. If the item is already a bit dry, you could put a pat of butter on it or drizzle with some water. My MIL is MW averse so that's what I recommend she do when I take her casseroles. It works great.

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        I'm a huge fan of a foil pack in the toaster oven if you have one. It seems more efficent than the whole oven for one or two servings.

        A non-stick pot with a lid is also great. Just add a little water or broth put the lid on and turn it on low.

        Last point, think about how you store leftovers. I still struggle to keep pasta and sauce seperate, but if I do I heat the sauce to a good simmer (with a little additional liquid) and then put the pasta in, lid on - heat off, and let it sit until a good temp to eat. I do the same thing with rice and anything else I don't want to turn to glue.

      2. C O's sugggestions have it nailed. Low oven, covered, watered if dry.

        1. In addiiton to the above, you can use a makeshift or actual double boiler, or put a wrapped plate of food on a rack in a covered pan, with some simmering water to gently reheat without drying out the food.

          1. I've used a skillet on the stove top with some water and a vegetable rack to reheat paper wrapped tortillas and pupusas, can put a cover on slightly askew to keep from oversteaming. A dry non stick works pretty well for frozen pancakes, especially the ones with cottage cheese. Regular frozen pancakes made medium size do great in the toaster.