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Oct 29, 2009 11:45 AM

Anyone know where to get good christmas fruitcake in Calgary, AB Canada

I want to get a good dark fruitcake for my dad (light one would be ok too). I am not a big fan of fruitcake so I don't really know where to get it in Calgary. I am not much of a baker.. so please, any suggestions?

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  1. I have bought some great fruitcakes at Art Market (Telus convention center) and at the Festival of Crafts (Round Up center) in the past. Both of these events will be happening at the end of November and early December. Can you hold on that long?

    1. Can't tell you where, but the best I have ever had is Claxton Fruitcake from Georgia. Service groups like the Shriners or Civitans sell them as fundraisers during the Christmas season sometimes. My dad is a Shriner so when I was a kid we always had some at Christmas. It is the only fruitcake I ever liked, both dark and light. The things will keep in your closet for a year!!!

      I mention this just in case you come across them, they really are the best IMO.

      1. Superstore started carrying their own Scottish Fruitcake with single malt whiskey last year and the bakery manager last year told us they couldn't keep it in stock, they were a huge success.

        They use real butter, almonds, and loads of fruit, and are made in Scotland. They are twice the height and the same circumferance as those big muffins you see at Costco. Each is wrapped and packed in it's own tin. Perfect size so you don't get overwhelmed by fruitcake. They are a medium dark fruitcake.

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