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Oct 29, 2009 11:44 AM

Anyone else think we should split Florida up into North/Central/South?

There's a pretty decent dead space between Orlando and I-10, etc. The people from North Florida probably aren't going to drive to central florida to eat, nor are the south floridians driving up north, etc.

Am I alone on this? I'd love to see a CF/NF/SF breakdown on threads!

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  1. Like:

    Pensacola to Jax and as far south as Gainesville - North
    Ocala down to Sarasota (west) and Vero (east) - Central
    Then Naples, Miami, WPB, etc all in South?

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    1. NW: N of Orlando, including Gainseville, but not the east coast.
      NE Coastal: Jacksonville to Vero Beach
      I-4 Corridor: Kissimmee, Orlando, Sanford, Deltona
      SW: Everything SW of Orlando, including the Bay Area (Tampa and St. Petersburg)
      Palm Beach to Ft. Pierce
      Broward County
      Dade County & the Keys

      It is the fourth most populated state. The Florida Population Map and the Topographic Map help in understanding the divisions.

      The Most Populous Metro Areas

      1. I don't agree that Naples should be in the South Fl region. Maybe a west coast Fl section which could include the Keys.

        South Fl should just be the Tri County area.

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        1. re: smartie

          We had a conversation about this a month or two ago. I would very much like to keep the board together. I regularly eat in different parts of the state. Also, I don't really understand what is so burdensome about scrolling. If the board were more active, I would understand. As it is, if you check in every couple of days you barely have to scroll a full page. What is the rationale for splitting the board?

          1. re: CFishman

            I like the board the way it is. Most of the time when tourists come on it they think it's a Miami board anyway lol

          2. re: smartie

            If Naples is 2 hours away from Miami, I'm okay with South Florida including Naples since West Palm Beach is also 2 hours away from Miami. But anything north of it should be closer to Tampa.

            And I would definitely object if Broward County was separated from Miami-Dade County. There's enough people going between the two counties to keep those threads together.

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            1. re: smartie

              I agree with you. Estero is only a little over a half hour drive from Naples and a lot of people probably go there from Naples to go to the outlet/shop just as people who are in Estero may want to go to Naples to find something to eat. It just doesn't make sense to lump Naples with S. FL when the other main cities in the group are at least a 2-hour drive away with pretty much nothing in between to enjoy.

              I just get tired of everyone assuming this is a S. FL/Miami board. I'd probably be happy with some requirement to list the city in question in the title. I don't check this page on a daily basis because there is so much S. FL stuff and often times end up missing posts in my area as a result.

              1. re: queencru

                I agree if they don't split the Fl board then at least make it so that we must put the city or at least the county in the title,

                On another note the subsection for Florida is Miami, South Beach and Jacksonville! What's that about? South Beach is Miami for starters and there is a fair old bit of land between Jax and Miami so it's a stupid subtitle.

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                1. re: smartie

                  I hadn't even noticed that. It's a little odd since Orlando is a huge tourist destination and at least in between Jacksonville and Miami.

                2. re: queencru

                  I agree with this. I live in South Florida, and I don't think to myself "hey I want to go eat at so and so in Naples this weekend..." however, I do think about going to Miami and Palm Beach for dinner.

              2. I am in complete agreement that Florida should be Divided to North, South East, and South West(Which could include Orlando and other Central locations)

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                1. re: SaminSFL

                  Just happened to notice this surfing around and thought of a great line by a humor writer fifty years ag who, while in Pensacola, referred to to panhandle as "Unoccupied Florida." I think he was pining for a past

                2. I would be happy if people put the city /region they are asking about in their title, or if Chowhound could come with a way to make people choose a city/region when they post. I am afraid that splitting the state up would cause confusion.