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Oct 29, 2009 11:41 AM

Montreal Mile End Bakery Tour


I am very interested in the "Mile End Bakery Tour" mentioned in an earlier post. Is this a commercial organized tour or a self guided meandering through a nirvana of pastries. I would love to have more specifics or breadcrumbs on this thread.

Thanks for all tips so far. Enjoyed a wonderful repast at Stash.

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  1. It's a self-guided creation - unless you can bribe Moh with some croissants, or a babka from Cheskies, or something. ;-)

    What kind of details are you looking for? I'm sure folks would be glad to help.

      1. re: carswell

        Ah - thanks for the link, carswell. I'd assumed JuliaChildminded had read the thread she mentions, but maybe not! Good to have it as a reference in any case.

        1. re: carswell

          Thanks I didn't have this link thread but heard it mentioned. I will definitely do this stroll.

          1. re: JuliaChildminded

            While you're in the hood, after hitting Bernard, you could also walk north a couple more blocks to Van Horne, the next major commercial street, where you'll find several fine bakeries, including reputed-for-croissants Le Paltoquet (1464 Van Horne, 514 271-4229), Lescurier Tradition Gourmande (1333 Van Horne, 514 273-8281) and Mamie Clafoutis (1291 Van Horne, 514 750-7245, ), which has tables, chairs and sofas in a pleasant, sunny space upstairs. What's more, they're all within a block or two of the Outremont metro station on the blue line.

            1. re: carswell

              JuliaChildminded, I would strongly recommend you add on the places Carswell suggested in his post above (Paltoquet, and Mamie Clafoutis especially), it would definitely add another dimension to the croissant part of this tour. Have fun strolling and eating!

              1. re: moh

                i had a chocolate mousse pastry topped with rasperries at Paltoquet today ---delicious!!! Easy to walk by it but worth sampling their pastries.

                1. re: wilmagrace

                  Pssshhh...the poster who detailed the mile-end pastry tour listed Toi Moi Et Cafe as a good breakfast joint. While I think they have amazing coffee, I've never had a less than DISGUSTING breakfast experience there.

                  Save Coco Locale and Cheskie's, mile end really isn't a bakery destination. I live here and have for many years and I go elsewhere when I want good pastry.

                  Toi Moi & Cafe
                  244 Av Laurier W, Montreal, QC H2T2N8, CA

                  Toi Moi Et Cafe
                  2695 Rue Notre-Dame W, Montreal, QC H3J1N9, CA

                  1. re: Scrumdidiliumptious

                    I just had a gorgeous breakfast last week at Toi, Moi et Café's Notre-Dame location.

                    1. re: Scrumdidiliumptious

                      Scrumdidiliumptious - just to be clear, you're saying you've been to every place on Moh's bakery tour and you aren't crazy about any except for Cocoa Locale & Cheskies?

                      What bakeries do you prefer? I'm a baked-goods addict so I'm curious. Thanks.

                      1. re: Scrumdidiliumptious

                        Scrumdidiiumtious, I have actually recently posted that I thought the breakfast at Toi Moi et Cafe has gone significantly downhill, so I do agree with you there.

                        Would be interested in knowing where you go for good pastry - always nice when people share their little secrets....

                        Toi Moi & Cafe
                        244 Av Laurier W, Montreal, QC H2T2N8, CA

                        1. re: moh

                          Yes, I've been to all those places, 98% of them are chains. I used to go to a place on Van Horne that had great croissants, but I can't remember the name. It's just east of Outremont metro. For cannoli I go to San Marco in little Italy. There's one other place in the mile end with good almond croissant. It's on St-Viateur on the South side west of St-Urbain. It's really small and cute. I can't remember the name...something with an M.

                          1. re: Scrumdidiliumptious

                            the only chains mentioned are Première Moisson and Bilboquet...
                            all others are independent merchants of goodness.

                            1. re: Scrumdidiliumptious

                              Along with Premiere Moisson and Bilboquet, Patisserie Gascogne is also a chain, but the rest of the places on the tour are not chains, so I can't say I really understand your comment Scrumdidiliumptious. Perhaps one of the places you mention on Van Horne is one of the places Carswell mentions in his post above.

                              Oddly enough, in your post, you mention 2 other places you like for pastry in the Mile End area, or near enough. You only mention 1 place outside of Mile End (Little Italy). So I don't really get it. Why do you think Mile End is not a destination for pastry? The whole point of my query was to find out where you go for pastry outside of Mile End. Are you just trying to not share your favorite places?

                              I'm not trying to say Mile End is the ultimate place for pastry, but I do think it is a pretty reasonable place to go. And it is a lot of fun to wander from store to store. I am always open to new places to go for pastries, so it would be really great if you could come up with a few names, I love checking out new places with yummy food.

                              Mile End Bar
                              5322 Boulevard Saint-Laurent, Montr, Montreal, QC , CA

                              , Montreal, QC H2Y, CA

                    2. re: carswell

                      Thanks for Le Paltoquet, carswell. I've never been there - will remedy that before the snow falls!

                      By the way everyone, "Les Deux vélos", a Serbian bakery that had very nice savoury filo-type pies (cheese, meat, and spinach if I recall) has closed. Avenue du Parc in that area seems a difficult location for many food-related businesses.

                2. Here is a google map of Moh's mile end bakery tour (at least most of it) and carswell's suggestions starting at les touilleurs because i am meeting someone there and ending at mamie clafoutie close to the metro station as was suggested

                  I changed the order of a couple of things on the tour to optimise walking time. According to google it should take 45 minutes not counting the stops.


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                  1. re: hala

                    Hala, thanks for your map! It is really great of you to put it together!

                    There are a few places I might add on, if people wanted to expand the tour, or were in need of more carbs...

                    The great bagel debate (St. Viateur vs. Fairmount) can be easily indulged by adding in stops at both of these institutions of higher bagel eating.

                    Esprithe on Laurier has a lovely selection of teas and those lovely little french macaron in some unique flavour combinations, often involving tea. These macarons are much better than the frozen ones at Patisserie Gascogne, just ignore those suckers.

                    Boulaangerie Clarke (corner of St. Viateur and Clarke) sells lovely pizza sticks (long thin flat pizza loaf with tomato sauce and crispy melted cheese) on saturday only. These are delicious snacks. And during the time of Easter (the festival San Giovanni) they make to die for zeppole. Alas, that season is currently over. But if you are around then, these zeppole are amazing. The cannoil are not as tasty, the shell isn't optimal.

                    Vava on Parc has lovely Russian tortes and cakes, and a host of Russian food products. Cute little place, and the Russian tortes are delicious.

                    Yum yum yum, very filling, but very fun...

                    1. re: moh

                      «Vava on Parc has lovely Russian tortes and cakes, and a host of Russian food products.»

                      For the search engine, it's Vova (5225 Parc, 514 278-3411). Great little shop that doesn't get enough talk on this board or elsewhere. The takeout foods -- which include savoury dishes as well as sweet -- have a real homey appeal and the people running the store couldn't be sweeter.