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Strong, hard Quebec cheeses

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Hello, looks like I'll be making a trip over to Montreal over the holidays this year and wanted to know if any of you could recommend some other local cheeses for me to try. I prefer harder cheeses, and really like strong ones such as a Mimolette extra-vielle, old Queso Manchego or maybe a nice Gruyere.

So far I've fallen for two Quebec cheeses: Chevre Noir and Alfred Le Fermier.

Hoping you local foodies can point me in the right direction.


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  1. As I was reading this, I was thinking, "I wonder if you'd like Chevre Noir..." then I got to the end. Doh! Sorry I don't have any recs, my mind is drawing a blank.

    1. La Tomme des Demoiselles
      Le Gré des Champs

      ...you might like if you like Alfred Le Fermier. I am especially partial to the latter.

      1. Perhaps Fritz Kaiser's Miranda. It's a Gruyere-like cheese. And I've been a fan of Albert Perron's Cheddar for twenty-five years. It's quite easy to find the 4 year old.

        1. Also l'Hercule de Charlevoix as well as old raw-milk cheddars (Ile-aux Grues is commonly available and delicious)

          1. Go to the cheese monger at Atwater Market or check out the Marché des saveurs store at Jean-Talon Market. They'll give you advice and I know some of them will let you try a sliver before you buy.

            Jean-Talon Market
            7075 Avenue Casgrain, Montreal, QC H2S, CA

            1. well, these are certainly 2 excellent choices!
              some other ideas:
              aged Cheddar (eg: from l'ile aux Grues),
              Les Petits Vieux (cheddar from fromagerie Médard)
              Zéphyr, from Fromagerie des Cantons
              L'hercule, from Laiterie Charlevoix.

              I too strongly recommend going to Atwater's fromagerie du marché (street level) for your cheese shopping. Easy to get sample pieces, and reccos of what's the best at the moment.

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                Cool! Thanks all for the suggestions. Actually, I got the Alfred Le Fermier at the Atwater market, so I'll probably head back there for sure. Haven't yet been to Jean Talon. I'd like to check it out.

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                  Victor and Berthold reserve is amazing. THe regular one is delicious but mellow, but the reserve one is f-ing amazing.