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Oct 29, 2009 11:20 AM

Anyone been to? [Claysville, MO]

The opulent possum?



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  1. Not yet...We just poked around some of the river towns from KC to Arrow Rock (south of the river) but it was pouring rain and most of the restaurants were closed. I love that blog. I might be in that area in a couple of weeks and was going to try to go to Westphalia Inn but since this place is seasonal I might try to go there. Sounds like you need to call first. We did go to a place called Cooper's Landing a few miles from there, that had Thai food they served out of a trailer. It was on the KATY trail, right on the river. I read where Chim (the Thai food guy) opened up in Jeff city but I don't know if they still are at Cooper's Landing. What I had was sort of bland though so never made an effort to go back. I love to find out about places like the one in Claysville.

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      keep posting these things, I'm likely going to be not too far down 63 (closer to 42) and always interested. I did like her post on the Vichy fire tower. I climbed that once. but then I did a lot of stupid things.