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Oct 29, 2009 10:50 AM

St. Pete Bakeries

Where are the good bakeries in St. Pete. I am talking cookies, cupcakes, and bread.

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  1. Does Mazzaro have a bakery? I think it might... Also Tampa has Pane Rustica (swoon) if you feel like making the drive :)

    1. mazzaro's has a small but excellent bakery. There's also an italian bakery all the way in Port Richey about 1/2 mile past the gulf view square mall. Any other?

      1. Frida's Cafe and Bakery in Largo on Ulmerton Rd has fantastic baked goods. I've enjoyed their bagels, their muffins and their cakes.

        1. This place makes fantastic stuff. They have a stand at the Saturday Morning Market at Al Lang Stadium parking lot under the name Michael's Extraordinary Desserts. They're not just desserts. Their morning glory muffins and almond biscotti are just mouth watering.
          Sweet Caroline's
          3347 Tampa Rd, Palm Harbor, FL
          (727) 781-1888‎