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Oct 29, 2009 09:07 AM

Restaurant Alma [MSP]

Did a search and didn't find a thread dedicated to Alma. I recently read that Jfood said this was his #1 spot which is impressive considering he has scoured all of the good spots in town. I'm going tonight and was wondering if anyone could suggest what Alma does well...Their "go to" dishes. Thanks.

Restaurant Alma
528 University Ave SE, Minneapolis, MN 55414

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  1. Thanks for doing this Dave...I was about to do the same today since we are thinking about making reservations at Alma for our anniversary. Please report back your experience. By the way...their 3 course menu looks great!

    1. Have reservations here tomorrow and have never had the chance to go prior. Thinking of doing the 3 course tasting. Would like to hear the highlights of your dining experience.

      1. Alma does everything well. Personally I haven't had anything off the current menu. (which is a sign that I should be making a reservation!)

        However, I'd recommend asking your server for specific guidance.

        The 3 course tasting menu is a must.

        1. I'm with Suzie, there is nothing they do poorly (we eat at Alma twice a month).

          I definitely recommend doing the tasting menu, and don't miss out on a very considerate wine list and very literate servers that can help find what you want.

          1. doing the three course tasting menu is a no-brainer. It basically gives you the third course for a buck.

            Jfood just looked at the current offerings. Two points.

            1 - he is going there next week given the choices
            2 - for his belly, he would look at
            - Braised rabbit terrine (he also loved the idea of the souffle but he is most allergic to hazlenuts)
            - gnocchi or prawns (that's a tough one)
            - pheasant, especially if they prepare it in the pan by constantly overlaying the hot pan drippings over the skin

            Just some thoughts


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              Based on CH recs, we will be at Alma when we visit Minnesota from Burlington, VT the weekend of November 21/22. Looks great !

              1. re: jfood

                Everything was excellent. I would give the rundown but our waitress said everything was changing the next day. The terrine was excellent....the sauce was incredible. Both entrees the ribeye and the scallops were great, it was hard to pick a favorite.