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Oct 29, 2009 08:31 AM

Dinner near Grand Central or MSG?

I am going to a concert tonight at MSG with my family and they are coming in from the suburbs and we need a place to get drinks/dinner beforehand. I work right near Grand Central and they are coming in from the suburbs. I usually don't eat right near GCT or MSG, so I don't really know places that are within a block or so.

The main issue is timing. They are coming in around 5:30 (I don't know why), I finish work at 6:15, and the concert starts at 7:30. They said they'd wait for me to eat, so it seems to me it makes more sense to go to a pub or someplace they could at least wait at the bar until I was finished with work.

I also have the fact that my father isn't very adventurous foodwise, while he is very much a New Englander and loves seafood & anything on the halfshell (I was actually thinking maybe Dock's for happy hour & just take a cab over), he really only eats American, Italian, and Japanese--basically no Indian or Mexican or cuisines you don't find in the suburbs. (Whereas I consider myself a foodie and will eat anything and the more authentic and less Americanized the better.)

I'm thinking probably moderate price range--nothing where the entrees are over $30, etc...

Anyway, either someplace near GCT or MSG (where they should be able to find fairly easily without my help) would be great.

I realize I probably gave more info than needed, I have a problem with rambling. Thanks!

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  1. Dock's is fine as well as the Oyster Bar in GCS. Michael Jordon's is there also but is probably out of the price line.

    1. You should try Madison and Vine. They're right on the corner of 41st and Madsion, in the Library hotel. The service is friendly and warm, the food is classic American bistro fare and they have a nice wine list with over 40 wines by the glass.
      It's one of my favorites in the neighborhood.